Confession: I’m not a football fan. I never grew up in a “college town” or really went to a college that prided themselves on being a big football school, and I never grew up in a household where sports were a big deal- especially pro sports. My dad would rather fish or sail on his sailboat than watch a football game, and I’m perfectly ok with that. However, since dating (and marrying) Mathew, I realized that the Superbowl was something that was really important to him. Knowing that, I’ve always tried to make the SuperBowl a successful event, and year after year have honed in my SuperBowl party skills. Planning the perfect Superbowl party may look difficult, but with enough time and preparations- it can absolutely be a success! I’ve got some great tips and tricks to ensure that planning the perfect SuperBowl party is a breeze for you!

1. Plan ahead. No one likes a last-minute planner. Several times I’ve gone wrong and not planned until the Wednesday before. Oops! Just like with any party, give your guests ample time to make plans to come to your house! Pretty much everyone I know ALWAYS has their phone on them, so I use Evite to create party invitations that are emailed to my guests. Not only is it fast (and they have tons of different invitation options), but you can also add a poll or sign up list to your invitation. Sign up lists are incredibly effective in getting your friends to sign up to bring some goodies if you don’t want to be slaving in the kitchen all day.

Planning the perfect Superbowl party? Invite your guests using Evite, an online invitation, where guests can reply via email or the app, can answer polls, and can even sign up to bring food!
Here’s an Evite I recently made for our perfect SuperBowl party!

2. The perfect SuperBowl party essential- FOOD. We all know that food is one of the best things about a SuperBowl party. I’m a huge fan of hot wings, but this year I’ll actually be making The Pioneer Woman’s Buffalo Chicken Bites from her book, “A Year of Holidays“. I got it for Christmas and I’ve been DYING to make these. I actually am making them this week for dinner to “test” them out. Ok, so….I may just want them just because haha. Also, my mouth is salivating. I also love making 7 layer dip in small cups so people can double dip in their own cup, and religiously make chocolate covered strawberries decorated like footballs annually. Make sure you’re prepared before you go shopping though, and check out the SuperBowl sales from so you can save some money!

Planning the perfect Superbowl party? Here are some fun Superbowl food ideas that everyone will love!
Sources: Buffalo Bites, Cheese and Crackers, Strawberries, 7 layer dip, Fruit Helmet, and Nachos

3. Decor, Decor, Decor! Decorations are a huge part of parties and the SuperBowl should be no exception. Honestly, I check out my local dollar store and the Target dollar bin section before I hit up party stores. Party stores are so pricey and for a game that’s only a few hours long, I’m usually more willing to shell out money for food and not decorations. I love the simple turf tablecloth and easy-to-make pennants in this picture below. You could easily find these things at your dollar store, but if you can’t (and want to save money), ask a friend to “co-host” the party with you to help disburse the costs! Make sure you get themed plates, napkins, cups, and more!

Love this SuperBowl party display! It would make a perfect SuperBowl party!

4. Have fun! Here’s the thing- party planning can take a lot out of you. My advice is to get as much of the food and decorating done the day before the party so you can actually enjoy yourself and truly have the perfect SuperBowl party. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in the kitchen all day, and even if you’re like me and only watch the SuperBowl for the commercials, it’s still definitely more fun to spend time with your friends. Also, do yourself a favor and buy paper plates- no one likes to help with the dishes after a big party. It’s a buzz kill.

So there you have it- 4 ways to ensure that you’ll have the perfect SuperBowl party! But it gets better…

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