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Yesterday I told y’all about my day in the life of a NICU mom and my Acer Intel Tablet. I also mentioned recently that I quit my job because of Addison’s complications in the hospital. Not knowing when she will get out of the hospital is difficult, and I’m having to transition from working mom to SAHM. Being a teacher in Texas, I didn’t make a huge paycheck, but it was enough to help us out. Here are some things I’m doing to transition from working mom to SAHM:

Love my Acer tablet from Intel!  Amazing apps, fast charge, and easy to use!
1. Use my Acer Intel Tablet to write out blog posts, check emails, and get on social media. Blogging and being on social media can be an additional source of income for our family. Knowing that I can keep up online while at the hospital is a BIG deal to me. Plus, it keeps me up to date on what all my friends are doing too. Being a SAHM or a NICU mom can be a little lonely if you don’t have adult interaction. This helps!

2. Getting out and going on a date is definitely easier said than done for this NICU mom. Depending on Addison’s day, I might not even want to leave her side. Plus, it always seems like she knows when mommy and daddy are going to be leaving, because she wants to stay wide awake! Of course, Mathew and I are still trying to have somewhat of a normal life, so getting out and actually talking to each other is important. Yesterday we went out to a nice restaurant and just talked. I’m not going to lie, once you’re a NICU SAHM it’s a little harder to talk about your daily life, especially when you’ve been updating your husband all day with what’s going on at the hospital. Still, we’re trying, and that’s the important thing.

3. Talking to friends is another important thing I’m doing. I mentioned needing adult interaction earlier, and it’s true! Sure, the nurses are awesome to chat with, but they’re also on the clock so “chatting” is limited. I’ve been making it a point to use my iPhone and Acer Intel Tablet to message friends and make plans. I’ve been so thankful to especially have friends and family who have visited several times and/or have checked on me daily. Thanks to Arlene, Heather, Lauren, Hollie, Meredith, and Elyse in particular for just constantly being there and offering to either chat or take me out for coffee or lunch. It has helped SO much these past 5 weeks!

4. Keeping faith and praying constantly is one of my musts as a NICU SAHM. I’ve realized now that Addison is in the hospital, it’s very important to me to talk about my faith openly. I know without a doubt that God has given us SO much lately and is making all of Addison’s improvements because He has such an amazing plan for her. I check out my Bible app frequently and just pray for Addison’s health, my marriage, and our friends and family. We’ve seen such tremendous love and it’s awesome to see how many people have been praying for Addison, Mathew, and I. God is using our baby for His glory in such an amazing way. Despite our circumstances, we’re incredibly blessed, and prayer helps make things easier.

All in all, I’m getting used to being a NICU SAHM. Transitioning from working mom to a NICU SAHM has been a good transition and I’m thankful that I don’t have to worry about work or other things any more. Friends, family, faith, and Intel are making things easier for me, and I’m so glad. Hopefully Addison will be home in a couple weeks, and then I won’t have to be a NICU SAHM anymore, but just a SAHM. I’m excited for it (and plan on using my same transitions) and I know this will all have been for the best.

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