If you love me, I have a huge favor to ask. This is definitely not my typical blog post, but as this is my personal blog about our lives, I feel like I don’t want to hide things from my readers…my friends.

Today (technically yesterday since this post goes live Wednesday), was a particularly bad day. It started off pretty hectic and I thought things had calmed down while I went to class. Class was just fine, and I got the great news that I officially have every single class done or in progress in order for me to graduate with my Bachelors of Interdisciplinary Studies- Early Childhood Generalist degree (aka to be a teacher). I was so excited, and then I got to work and it went downhill from there.

I never bring my job into my blog because honestly I don’t think it needs to be takes about on my blog. I basically got in trouble for something and it really stressed me out. I normally am so organized and on the ball with everything, but with school and student teaching, it’s been really hard to focus at work. I’m constantly exhausted and I’ve slacked on some important things at work and that’s totally not me.

Then it got worse. Mathew’s car has been acting up and has been in the shop since yesterday to check out what’s going on with it. We thought it’d be $800 or so ON A GOOD DAY. Yep- we were wrong. Turns out repairs will be about $3000-5000, which is more money than his mustang is even worth nowadays. Le sigh.

On a brighter side, Mathew’s sister, Kristin, has graciously told us that we can use her car for however long we want since she lives on her school campus and rides her bike everywhere. It was extremely gracious and we are so thankful, but I still can’t seem to shake off the fact that now we need a new car (at some point) and I won’t even be working this spring semester.

So here’s where the favor comes in. And it’s a big one. Pray for us? Pray that everything with work turns out ok, that we figure out our car situation and can sell it? I know some of you aren’t the “praying kind” but if you aren’t, could you at least send good thoughts our way? And if you DO believe in God, and maybe go to church, can you put us on your prayer list in Sunday School or something? I’m completely stressed and so is Mathew. We need some good right now, and honestly, you readers keep me going. I love the kind words and daily inspiration you bring everyday.

I appreciate those of you who took the time to read this. I always want to be honest with my friends, and you all are friends of mine. Thank you.

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