I ended my last post on our retreat with a tiny bit of a cliffhanger. When I left off, the guys were just about to come over to play a game over at the Ranch House.

We played a game called The Naked Game. No, we didn’t get naked–it’s just the name of the game. Basically, you get a bowl, give everyone a sheet of paper and pens, and tell everyone to tear their paper into 4 pieces and write a noun on each piece of paper (i.e. koala bear hair, willie nelson, tiny t-rex arms..etc). Everyone folds their papers in half, tosses them into the bowl, and starts. Each round gets 30 seconds, and round 1 is like catch phrase. You can say anything to give clues to the word on the paper, but just not the words, themselves. Round 2 is like charades and you are not able to speak, but only act out. Round 3 is when you look at your word and can only say 1 word about it (so if your paper says “toe nail fungus” you could say FOOT!). In any case, here are some of my favorite pics from that game (I’d put pics of me or Mathew, but Lauren took those and hers aren’t posted on FB yet. These are just mine):

Evan, Melanie, Jason, Jessica, and Ben before the game

Nicole and Ben before the game.

Skylar going first, trying to explain her word.

One of our leaders, Brandon, trying to figure out his word.

Elizabeth (Brandon’s wife) attempting to begin to act out her word.

Jeremy and Lauren being goofballs.

All in all, it was the MOST hilarious game ever. If you’ve never played it, you NEED to grab friends and play. The game lasted til after midnight, and by the end of the last round we were all exhausted. The guys went back to the Texas House, and we went to bed in the Ranch House.

Saturday morning we woke up around 7:45 and had to be at breakfast by 8:30. It was really nice and the catering there was so tasty! Then it was on to Session 2 where we talked about communication. We had to do fun drawing exercises to see if our fiance’s were listening, and it was interesting to see the outcome of the pictures! Then, we had an hour and a half break where we played basketball with all our other friends from our group and then Mathew and I went to see the Andalusian horse stable across the road from the camp. We met up for lunch and then had session 3 on in-laws (which proved to have lots of interesting and vital information!), and then had a 4 hour “Couple Processing Time” (aka break).

And that’s when all the extra fun stuff happened…check back later for more on our retreat!

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