About a week or so ago, I came across this post from Iowa Girl Eats. I was hooked. Her pictures made the food look like it was right in front of me, and I couldn’t help but try to attempt some sort of sandwich like hers.

Originally, I was going to make the recipe exactly like hers.

That is, until I looked in my fridge and realized I never bought peaches. *facepalm* I decided to tweak the recipe to what was in my fridge, and I’m so glad I did.

The Vintage Modern Wife- https://www.thevintagemodernwife.com
The Bacon, Cheese, Spinach, and Strawberry Panini

Here’s what you’ll need: 
-Ciabatta Rolls (cut in half for your sandwich)
-Center cut bacon (I’m all about moderation, and this bacon has less calories!)
-Fontina cheese
-Fresh spinach leaves (baby or regular- I used baby)
-Strawberries Panini Press/George Foreman Grill/ Grill pan

I have to admit, I forgot to make the honey mustard like Iowa Girl Eats, but to be honest, it didn’t even need it! (Ps I realize now that I should have taken pictures along the way, but oh well!)

1. Cook your bacon in a skillet. I used 4 slices so it was a thicker sandwich, but it’s all up to you. Also turn on your panini press (or in my case, George Foreman grill) so it can start getting hot.
2. While bacon is cooking, cut your ciabatta roll, and put a slice of fontina on the bottom half of your sandwich.
3. Layer a few spinach leaves (like 4-6) on top of the fontina. Then slice 2 strawberries and place on top of the spinach.
4. Once bacon is done, place on a paper towel to let the grease drain and the bacon cool so you can handle it. I cut my bacon in half so the pieces weren’t hanging over the bread and put the bacon on top of the strawberries.
5. Put your sandwich on your panini/george foreman/grill pan, etc and wait until the cheese is melty and bread is toasty!


I’m telling y’all, you need to try this. 5 easy steps! It’s sweet, salty, crispy, melty- and totally delicious. Plus, mine came out to only 359 calories which is perfect for a healthy lunch. You could even pair it with your favorite soup for dinner time! You won’t want to skip out on making this!

You all can thank Jenny from Jenny Busy Bee for inspiring me to write this post. She asked if I’d come cook for her! Jenny, hope you try this out soon!

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