2012 was one amazing year. I’m not going to lie- it had it’s ups and downs, but overall SO many more ups. I’m so thankful to have this blog so I could document it all. I love going back and reading my posts and remembering how the year progressed.

My first post of 2012was a feature on The Grant Life where I showcased my newest favorite recipe. Hey- I’m no food blogger, but y’all know I love to share a good recipe when I see one. I also wrote about starting My Fitness Pal. By the way- I lost 35 lbs on that baby. I gained 10 on the holidays, but overall, 25 lbs down from last year…totally not bad at all. I just started up MFP again 3 days ago and I’m already seeing results. I also got a case of  “I dont know what to write after my wedding”-itus and I introduced our almost puppy, Pearl!

Our first picture of Pearl! We couldn’t wait to get her in Feb!

One post in Feb. One stinkin post. I was still “Housewifin’ It Up”  but posted some of our wedding pictures. I’ve been terrible about posting more on the blog, but I feel at this point- people don’t care about our wedding pics on the blog haha. Best pic of the post?

Gettin’ our groove on and dancing all kinds of cray

I surprised Mathew with a weekend in Dallas for Valentine’s, and we ate at the famous “The French Room”. It was amazing! Pearl became our baby on Valentine’s weekend, and I took a BILLION pictures of her!

Look at how little Pearl is!

I didn’t write any posts these months. I really just tried to enjoy “wedded bliss” to be honest. Mathew and I spent lots of time on weekend trips and attempting to deal with work, school, and Pearl. I’m sad I didn’t blog, but I tweeted and Instagrammed! I spent a lot of weekends at the pool so you may have seen a ton of pictures like this:
April 2012- Nice and pasty!

We sent the following picture to all of our friends and family on Easter. Pearl made an excellent Easter bunny. She’s seriously like our child.

April 2012- Pearl aka The Easter Bunny

In May, I worked my last day at the high school. To be honest- I hated that job this year. I dreaded going to work every single day, so Mathew helped me drop some stuff at the office on the last day and surprised me in the car with this:

Surprise your man! Nerf Gun War Surprise: www.thevintagemodernwife.com
Nerf gun fight!
Put on my war paint! Ps- I kicked his butt!

At the end of June, Mathew and I made a trip to Corpus to visit my family, and I HAD to book tickets to a Hooks baseball game. They’re the AA team to the Houston Astros, and I always used to go to games back home. It was a treat!

The Hooks ended up winning so far ahead that the game
got boring because there was no action from the other team!


Our wedding photographer asked us to be in a photo shoot for the Heart of Texas Photographer’s Guild! Mathew and I got to dress up like a bride and groom again, and I’d lost 35 lbs by that point. My wedding dress was HUGE on me, but we were able to clip it so it looked like it fit me perfectly. It was a great feeling! I also turned 26 in July and Mathew spoiled me with tons of Michael Kors. I finally potty trained the dog and was super proud of myself for doing it! Potty training a dog takes so much patience!
My signature hairstyle was starting to make way, and I decided to put a tutorial on sexy waves on the blog. I also made this freaking delicious Banana Pudding Poke Cake that we tore UP in the house. I threw Mathew a surprise birthday in Dallas, and we had a blast getting fondue and hitting up the super huge Barnes and Noble. He had a regular party with friends later, and this is one of my absolute favorite pictures from the year:
August 2012- Mathew’s birthday dinner

I also went to New Orleans for work, which was tons of fun, but sadly I wasn’t able to bring Mathew. I had tons of fun posting about it on Instagram!

A coworker gave me free tickets to the Texas Ranger game, but unfortunately it rained out. We made the best of the day though, and had tons of fun with our friends. I also opened up my Etsy shop, Vintage Modern Moments, and got my first customer that night! Fall was arriving so I had a craving for apple pie. I ended up making an apple pie recipe that several friends told me they made for Thanksgiving! I was so happy. The best part of September? I met these freaking amazing ladies and got my signature picture for my blog taken:
Sept 2012- me, Neely, and Sar. I LOVE THEM
It finally got cold in Waco, so I made The Vintage Modern Mommy’s chili. This chili says “home” to me, and I’m so glad that it came out just like my mom’s. I started off October admitting some pretty weird/crazy things about myself, only to find out I’m not as “crazy” as I thought. Laura and I started Pinspired Style link ups for Tuesday, which goes to show- I’m not a “fashion” blogger, but I love fashion. I met up with Neely late in the month and ended up going to the State of Texas Fair a week before Big Tex burned down. Mathew and I went to the Heart of Texas Fair in Waco also and I may or may not have eaten a whole funnel  cake:
October 2012- Don’t worry- I shared!


This month had a lot of “firsts.” I had my first cooking DISASTER and I can swear to you I can still smell the burned beans when I think about it. So gross. I hosted my FIRST twitter party with Becka from Kiki La’Rue and it was a success. I also did my first 5k with Mathew- The Color in Motion! By the end of our race we went from being completely white to this:
November 2012- we got color schwasted!
Definitely our busiest month of the year! We celebrated our first year of marriage on December 3rd. I couldn’t imagine it because I vividly remembered writing my “Last Time as a Miss” post. Seriously- where did the time go?! It seemed our engagement was so long, and yet a year of marriage just came and went! Mathew is a blessing. In fact, such a blessing that he let the girls come over for another crazy sleepover. It resulted in this You Tube video:

Filming that was the best time EVER. No lie. I ended the year with a family ski trip with Mathew, my parents, sister (and her husband and kids), brother, and little sister in Red River. We had the best time and it was really great going on one big trip with my family. Mathew and I spent Christmas in Corpus this year, and although I didn’t post a Christmas recap, here are a couple pictures from it all:

I made Christmas cookies for our Christmas Eve party
My niece Lexi and I made dog treats together! Sarah from
Scissors and a Whisk got me a recipe and cookie cutter.
It was great!
Dec 2012-My sister and I- like my Christmas dress? It’s
from eShakti.com!

I absolutely loved my dress on Christmas Eve. The cut, hem, and fabric were all perfect. It’s from eShakti.com and it’s called their Lustrous Illusion Yoke satin Dress. It’s about $120 and seriously you’ll love it as much as I did. I got compliments the ENTIRE night on it. Here’s a full length view for y’all:

Lustrous illusion yoke satin dress


Mathew’s Christmas shoes! He loves them!

2012 was very good to us. We had SO much fun and I’m so happy that I’ve been able to document it all. The blog turns 2 in January and I have so many wonderful things coming your way. I can’t wait to see you all in 2013. Stay safe tonight everyone!

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