Finals are here and to be honest, my professors have let us off the hook big time when it comes to finals. I pretty much only have 2 finals and one of those is online. Not too shabby, right? After my finals are over, I’m taking a big ski trip with my family. I’m pretty excited about it because my entire family (with my older sister and brother) have never been skiing together. Usually just my parents, my little sister, and myself have gone, so this year is really special.

There’s a catch though. (There’s always a catch, right?)

This ski trip is in New Mexico and we’re NOT flying. We’re driving. Texas is a huge state, and driving straight across is may not look too bad on a map, but you’d definitely be wrong. Our trip to Red River next week is going to be at LEAST 12 hours long (that’s without potty/food breaks). Now, while I’m all about this trip and how awesome it’s going to be because I LOVE to ski, I definitely am going to need some reading material for the drive, and my little Kindle just isn’t going to cut it for all 12 hours.

I decided to head to Target to grab two of my favorite magazines. Y’all know I’m a sucker for anything fashion related, and I can be a magazine hoarder if they have a celebrity on the cover that I love. I picked up InStyle Magazine and People Style Watch.

Did you know that if you go to Target from now until December 7th you will automatically get a $5 Target gift card? You don’t even have to tell the cashier about it either- it just pops up on their register saying you get it for FREE! You may or may not see a sign about it by the magazines, but either way, the deal is still going on!

I’m sure all of you have heard of InStyle (especially if you’re awesome like that). My friend Austin (hey girl!) LOVES InStyle like I do, and she even makes awesome fashion look books with her favorite editorials and ads. It’s pretty sweet. If you’re a fashion freak, you’ve probably bought this magazine! If you’ve also heard of People Style Watch then you’re already ahead of the curve, but for those who haven’t it’s a special magazine from People that comes out once every month and talks about fashion and style. Of course, if you’re celebrity obsessed there’s TONS of pictures of celebs with all your favorite fashion inspirations and how to pull them off.

I actually found SO much inspiration for the holidays in the magazines and since I already knew that I’d be getting a $5 gift card, I searched to find something that just screamed at me from the magazines. Funny enough, I found a Target ad in People Style Watch and immediately went to the jewelry section.

These bright earrings are sure to spruce up any holiday dress
Adorable hot pink glitter clutch?! Um, yes please! 

 I pretty much went all around Target just oohing and ahhing over everything while perusing my magazines. I couldn’t wait to read them at home, so I just walked around reading my magazines. I came across this page (below) in People Style Watch, and was honed in like a moth to a flame. You see- when I was in high school, I was in the drill team. That meant many competitions with, you guessed it, red lipstick.

I kind of have this obsession with red lipstick, but Mathew hates bright lip colors (his grandma used to kiss him and leave lipstick marks on his face when he was a kid). Sometimes though, you’ve just got to show a man that they have nothing to fear.

 So what’d I buy with my $5? Revlon lipstick!

Sophia Bush knows just like I do that red is HOT! 

With my magazines purchased, and my gift card in hand, I got my gorgeous red Revlon lipstick for FREE because I bought InStyle and People Style watch. Not bad, right?!

Checking out with my awesome $5 gift card!

Of course my reading didn’t stop in the store. Even though I’m taking these magazines to New Mexico, who said you can’t read magazines twice? I went home and flipped to the “StyleWatch 100+ Gift Guide” because I’ve still got a couple people on my list that I just don’t know exactly what to get for them. This Gift Guide has over 100 gifts for those you love, AND they have tons of gift suggestions under $25. If that isn’t enough, InStyle ALSO has a 100 present gift guide! 200 gift ideas to explore? Sounds pretty good to me!

People StyleWatch’s 100+ Gift Guide
Getting a little Christmas list inspiration
I actually got inspired from the gift guide and picked something out for my mom on this page for Christmas. Do you know what it is? (shh- it may have to do with E.L.F!)
I also found a great article in InStyle (and boy do I need it with all this yummy holiday food) called “10 Ways to a Healthy Holiday”. Y’all know I like making desserts but with less calories so I don’t feel as guilty, but it sometimes can be difficult to keep healthy with all the parties and get togethers. InStyle has 10 tips on staying healthy for the holidays. I’m definitely not going to divulge their tips here (hey- you need to buy the magazine!) but I’m going to be using these tips on Friday when I go to our Sunday School Christmas party. 
Totally using this guide to help me through the holidays. Thanks InStyle!
I hope you’ll head to Target from now until December 7th to get your $5 Target gift card. If you do, let me know via comment or Twitter

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