Ok…I admit I’ve been watching a little too much How I Met Your Mother recently, so if you have NO idea what the title of this post is from, check out this youtube video of Robin Sparkles.

Last weekend I had some much needed time with my family. Mathew and I went down to Corpus, and had a seriously good time. As y’all know, we went sailing, checked out a local art vendor shopping downtown, visited the Lexington, and then mom, Pookie (my sister), and I went to go shopping at World Market!

My niece Lexi and I sailing
My niece Lexi and I sailing

Sailing was tons of fun. We got to see dolphins swimming pretty close to our boat, and I got to spend time with my brother that I barely communicate with. It’s not that I don’t want to talk to him, I just never know what to say! I love his daughter, Lexi, though, and she wanted to sit on my lap for the entire ride. I had fun pointing stuff out to her on land and sea. It even furthered the reason as to why I want to be a teacher.

My sister and I being nerds
My sister and I being nerds

My sister and I have this tendency to take stupid pictures whenever we’re together. We also act really dorky towards each other. I think it’s just one of those reasons why we never call each other by our names anymore and just say “Prickles” or “Pookie.” In any case, I thought y’all would love this one of just getting ready to be on the boat.

I’d felt awful that I hadn’t REALLY seen my mom on our trip because my dad plans SO much when we’re in town that it always gets a little overwhelming, and told her we needed some shopping therapy. The thing is, if you know my family at ALL, you’d know that we’re complete goobers when it comes to shopping and we crack too many bad jokes and try on stuff that makes us crack up. I figured the best place to just a have fun time shopping was World Market. With mom, Pookie, and I in tow- we headed down (with all the CRAZY construction).

As soon as we walked in,right in front of us was my favorite section- accessories. With so much jewelry, scarves, and headbands-we were in heaven.

World Market Jewelry
The bangle bar at World Market

While I gravitated towards bangles, Mom saw some gorgeous beaded necklaces that caught her eye. My sister and I are trying to do this whole thing with my mom where we try to dress her fashionably and say she looks “youthful”. It can be hard trying to get my mom stuff that doesn’t look like it’s for older women, so we were hoping to find her a couple pieces that made her look younger.

mom jewelry
Mom and I found a WHOLE WALL of scarves  at World Market, and although we started off innocently trying them on, and then things got silly…

Mom and I found some scarves!
Mom and I found some scarves! I loved mine so much that I bought it! Hers had some great shimmer to it, and I love the color of the one I got!
See what I mean by getting silly? I'm a goober.
See what I mean by getting silly? I’m a goober. Of course whenever I make my “signature pose” face, my mom cracks up. Hey- I can’t help that I’m funny, mom 😉 Mom ended up buying this scarf.

I saw a hat section and immediately gravitated towards it. I found this super cute Kentucky Derby style hat (I’m thinking perfect for sitting poolside!) and mom found this…..errr I’m not a fan.

I always wanted one of those Kentucky Derby hats! Mom's hat, however, not so much!
I always wanted one of those Kentucky Derby hats! Mom’s hat, however, not so much! P.S. I totally Instagrammed this picture of my mom and I and World Market retweeted it! I may have gotten excited.

Mom and I also found some gorgeous earrings (the blue/gold I wore to a job fair this week for school!) that made a huge statement AND were dainty. There were SO many other earring choices, but we figured smaller was better so we could have chunky necklaces to wear instead.


After all was said and done, we got a really nice haul of accessories and jewelry. We ended up buying other random fun stuff like a stuffed jalapeno holder for my dad, espresso cups for the whole fam, and chalkboard labels for myself! Mom, Pookie and I had so much fun with our mother/daughter shopping time (I mean, you even got your own little fashion show from us lol). If you are looking for some awesome mother’s day gifts for your amazing mom- you’ll definitely want to stop in to World Market!

Not only did we find SO much stuff, but the cashier let us know about this contest World Market is having for amazing moms just like mine (and yours)! You can enter the My Amazing Mom Sweepstakes where you can go and nominate your mom for a chance to win $5000 to World Market! All you have to do is upload a picture and say why your mom is so special and BAM- you’re entered. You can even share your entry to get more votes from your friends and family. The top 5 entries will be entered as finalists and CPWM judges will review and choose a final winner. Don’t want to nominate your mother, no worries you can still enter our Fan Sweepstakes. Simply follow us on your favorite social media channels (this must be done within the Facebook application) for more chances to win one of 10 $500 World Market gift cards.

So technically there are 3 ways to participate..

* Nominate your mother for a chance to win $5K
* Browse gallery and vote for your favorite submission
* Enter to win our Fan Sweepstakes for a chance to win one of 10 $500 WMGC
Enter online at worldmarketsweepstakes.com

So get out there and go spend time with your mom. You may never know the fun that might come out of it and the silly pictures that may ensue.

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