Blissdom is less than 40 days away and I’m getting prepared for it. I think it helps that two of my roomies are community leaders and I can text them any time I have questions, but still!

The Vintage Modern Wife Blog Conference Prep Tips

Here are a few things I’ve been doing to prep for Blissdom:

1. Find A Sponsor

Although this was not a “must” blogging conferences can get pretty expensive. I am SO happy to say that my Blissdom sponsor for this year is Hope’s. I’ve featured Hope’s several times (one for an Everly dress giveaway and another for a teardrop bib necklace) and I can’t wait to feature them again during Blissdom week! Valentine's Dresses
Hope’s Valentine’s Dresses

Hope’s is going to be providing me with outfits to wear at the conference and I can’t wait to showcase their cute clothes!

2. Purchase Roomie Gifts

I’m not sure if everyone does this, but the girls in my room are purchasing roommate gifts for everyone. I’m having a blast finding great items for their gift bags.I’ll be doing a post during Blissdom week about the goodies they got, but I won’t spoil that right now.

3. Stock Up On Business Cards

I took the plunge in December and got my business cards made for any blog meet ups and conferences. I bought 300 after hearing that you give out at LEAST 100 business cards at Blissdom, so I’ll be taking my whole box of cards to keep at the hotel so I can stock up the whole time I’m there.

4. Make any hair/nail appointments

I’m going to Dallas the day before Blissdom starts to get my hair and nails done with Neelykins so we look EXTRA good for the conference. I’ve been wanting to try out Drybar FOREVER now, so I’m definitely excited to try that out finally.

Cosmo-Tai by DryBar

Y’all know I like to do my “signature waves” when I go out for blog meet ups, so I’ll definitely ask Drybar to hook me up with a similar ‘do. Maybe the Cosmo-Tai?

5. Begin To Network

Blissdom is in March, and I bet y’all have noticed I’ve been to several blogger meet ups lately. Not only that, but I’ve been trying to comment back to anyone that comments on my blog/twitter/facebook/instagram/etc. The only way to get to know bloggers is to CONNECT WITH THEM. It’s plain and simple. I know meeting new people can be daunting, but if you find out who is going to the conference before you go, you can make friends ahead of time so you won’t feel nervous/alone!

I hope these tips have been as helpful to you as they have been for me! Are you going to Blissdom? Let’s make plans to meet up!

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