Although June marks the fact that I’ve lived in Waco for 4 years, I have to admit- I can be a hermit. The past four years I’ve gotten engaged, married, worked full time while going to school full time, and now just student teaching full time. I get home, work on applications, cook dinner, watch tv with Mathew, and then hit the hay.

So glamorous, right? Err…

The fact is, my weekdays are so dull (except when I get the chance to meet my awesome friend Austin at Chuy’s or for a mani/pedi) that I really, truly enjoy the weekends. It may be the reason that since January I’ve kept us SO busy to where we’re out of town 3 out of 4 weekends. I can’t help it! I love going out of town and actually DOING something. We love to hit up Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Corpus.  When we can’t go out of town though (like this weekend), we always seem to end up at the Waco outdoor mall- The Central Texas Marketplace.

Central Texas Marketplace

It’s nothing fancy, but it definitely beats the “regular mall” in Waco. Plus, I’ve always loved outdoor malls like La Cantera in San Antonio, The Domain in Austin, or the Outlets in Round Rock. Something about an outdoor mall just appeals to me. I’m outside, the weather feels great, walking is good for me, and I generally can find some good sales!

This weekend the weather FINALLY was perfect to go window shopping. Mathew had to go to Men’s Warehouse and get fitted for a tux that he’ll wear at his cousin’s wedding in June, so I decided that afterward we’d window shop. MARC was outside of Petco so people got to adopt dogs (I even got to see the lovely Karenna again!), Old Navy had an awesome buy one shirt get another free sale, and Pier One had those awesome swingasan chairs that I saw at Blissdom.

Peacock Swingason. photo courtesy of Pier 1.
Peacock Swingasan. photo courtesy of Pier 1.

Anyway, Mathew and I ended up spending 2 hours just relaxing (and I may or may not have had to drag Mathew away from the dogs for adoption like he was 5 years old), shopping, and then even went to the movies to see G.I. Joe. It’s not a crazy way to spend the weekend, but I love when we have simple weekends like that. We also love to take Sunday afternoon naps and play Nora Jones on Pandora while we nap. It’s so simple, yet such a nice way to spend time together (even if it is napping).  In fact, good ole Jon Acuff tweeted today this awesome tweet:

Jon Acuff Sunday Afternoon Nap

I wanted to say to him, “Um, how do you know exactly what we love to do…especially on SUNDAYS?!” and his candle idea? Genius. It’s one of the best ways to spend a Sunday. I’m wondering if this is a “married thing” because in my single years, I never took naps on the weekend. Or maybe it’s that I’m old now lol. Either way- I love ’em.

Our weekends may not be much to some, but they mean so much to us. Sure, summer will bring many weekends at the pool with the grill and friends, or game nights, but for now, I really just am enjoying living the simple married life on the weekends.

How do you spend your weekends (generally)? Do you like the simple life or do you like to live it up?

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