To be honest, I wasn’t sure how things were going to go yesterday. My parents came into town Tuesday morning at 1:30 am (they live 5 hours away from me) and I didn’t get to bed until 2 am. This would be ok if I didn’t have to get up at 6:45 to have breakfast with them. Why so early?

You see, my boss told me (and my coworkers) that we were required to be at a training on Tuesday ALL day. 8:30 to 4. What a way to spend a birthday, right? Just sitting in a room, listening to someone drone on with their powerpoint. I wasn’t too excited. I woke up early though, and had breakfast with my parents at my favorite breakfast place in town… Leal’s. They have amazing breakfast burritos, and I had to have one for my birthday.

After breakfast with my parents, I headed to training, expecting to be bored the entire day. Thankfully, our training ended up only lasting until 11:45 instead of 4, and I thought, “Thank God that my birthday isn’t ruined!” It definitely made up for the lack of sleep from the night and the fact that the training was boring.

I ended up meeting up with my MIL for lunch. Does this look like an ordinary birthday lunch?

Yeah, I got a strawberry shortcake with frozen vanilla custard from a Waco staple- Katie’s Custard. It was amazing and delicious and to be honest, I decided that on my birthday, calories don’t count. It’s the one day where I could be completely carefree about what I ate, and I was ok with that! Besides, this was my “omgosh I’m living on the wild side” face:

Attractive, right?! Haha. Anyway, after Katie’s, I hung out with my MIL and watched some tv. I debated on taking a nap and realized that two years ago (at pretty much that exact same time of the day) I took a nap on my birthday. Yeah, naps aren’t something that I care about THAT much, but the only reason I remembered it was because 2 years ago on my birthday I came back home from a Michael Buble concert in Houston, and had been so exhausted from being up late the night before and waking up so incredibly early, that I took a nap. After that nap, that day, the rest was history. But I digress! I didn’t end up taking a nap, but hung around the house long enough for my SIL, Kristin to come home and bring me these lovelies:

The dog in the card cracks me up! I love the doggles on it and it’s tongue flying in the wind. Plus, the flowers were nice of her too. I left after she gave me the flowers (and got tweeted by Daphne Oz and Mario Batali (I love them on The Chew- and of course Mario is an amazing Chef), and headed home to get ready for my “surprise”.

I decided that I wanted to wear the dress and earrings I wore when we got engaged. This time though, I think I look better than I did when I first wore my dress. What do you think?

Afterward, Mathew got home from work, picked me up, and we headed to Austin. We stopped at The Domain which is this awesome outdoor mall. If you’ve ever been to San Antonio and hit up the La Cantera mall, it was like that, but on crack. The Domain is SO much better and has amazing stores that Waco doesn’t have. Anthropologie, JCrew, and my ultimate favorite…Michael Kors.

Hubby has been in my life for quite some time now and knows my affinity for everything MK. I’ve got a purse, 2 shoes, and a wallet from Michael Kors- all that I love. If I was rich, I’d have even more. Anyway, as we were walking into The Domain, I kept saying, “Ooh I need to go here!” or “OMGOSH they have a JCrew” and the like. It wasn’t until I said, “Oh wow! I need to go into Michael Kors!” and Mathew said “Ok! Let’s go!”

As soon as we walked in and the sales lady asked us if she could help us, Mathew said, “Yes I need item number ____” and the lady walked us to the watch counter. Yep, Mathew (and his parents with their contribution) bought me this beauty:

It’s so beautiful and even better in person. It’s rose gold with a pearlized face and matches my wedding ring perfectly since it has rose and white gold. See?

I also got these babies to match my ring and watch with some birthday money my parents gave me:

It’s hard to tell, but the earrings are rose gold with tons of rhinestones on the front. I love them. After spending our money at MK, it was time to eat at Texas Land and Cattle. It was delicious, and of course we had to take one of our infamous pictures and one with my new babies.

We splurged and had steaks, baked potatoes, wine, and yummy chocolate cake. Yes, it was worth every. single. calorie. We drove home with full tummies (and I’m not gonna lie- sleepy eyes) and immediately went to sleep. It was an AMAZING birthday. My husband definitely knows how to treat a girl right. I couldn’t be happier on how my birthday went and how wonderful my husband is.

The awesome part? I get to celebrate my birthday again tonight with my friends! I’m excited!

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