Makeup. We all wear it. It’s a part of our every day routine.

When I put on makeup in the mornings during the work week, I usually halfway do it with blush, highlighter, shadow, mascara, and lipstick. When it’s the weekend (or let’s face it, a blogger meet up) I put on foundation, actually contour my shadow, fill in my brows, use concealer, put on blush and 2 DIFFERENT highlighters, wing out my gel eyeliner, carefully pick out the perfect shade of lipstick, and on some occasions- put on some falsies.


Because I want to put my best “face” forward.

Sometimes even Mathew will be shocked when I put on a full face of makeup. I’ll get remarks from him like “Ooh! You’re actually going to put on makeup today!?” (Um, I wear makeup EVERYday, but thanks…) and “Wow! You look AMAZING!” It’s funny what a little makeup can do. That’s what I thought at least, when I saw the following picture last night on Facebook through a friend’s page from an MSN article:

Crazy Makeup transformation: Do you think makeup betrays people? Sound off on this incredibly controversial topic.

What a transformation some makeup and a curling iron can do, huh? Well, makeup and hair from a PROFESSIONAL. Her hair looks flawless, as does her skin (with a perfectly chiseled nose and chin), she’s got falsies, lined and glossed lips, and perfectly filled brows. This set of photos has sparked tons of controversy with men saying that “makeup is a betrayal” and they couldn’t imagine going to bed with the girl on the right and waking up (disappointed) to the girl on the left.

But here’s the thing: When I put on makeup…I feel sexy.

Sure, that’s what makeup companies WANT you to feel, but I do. What’s worse? I feel even sexier if I’ve paid more money for that makeup. Isn’t that weird? I claim that MAC is my second home and pride myself on actually making friends with the makeup artists (or MUAs as they like to call themselves). I pride myself into walking into Sephora and paying $30 for a brow highlighter because it’s going to “revolutionize my makeup routine” or “make my brows look perfect.” It’s pretty ridiculous….but I feed into it. Why? Because the makeup and beauty industry are multi-million dollar corporations. It’s their JOB to make me feel that way (and they do a darn good job doing it too). So when I put on a full face of makeup I feel sexy and ready to tackle the day. Do I feel like I’m betraying my husband (or other men/women) because I put on makeup? No. Is that my intention? No. 

I was curious- I asked Mathew his thoughts on the pictures and if he felt “betrayed” by the difference. His answer? Yes. Yes!? All I could think in my head was, “Hey mister! I may look plain at home and when I go out may want to doll up. Am  betraying you!?” My head was reeling. Then I started to understand his point of view, and could see where he was coming from. Granted, this woman has on a lot of makeup (and it’s done by a professional), but still. It was interesting to see his point of view, even though I was a bit shocked at the honesty of his answer.

So here are my questions for today: What are your thoughts on this transformation? Would you feel betrayed if you married the woman on the right and woke up to the woman on the left? How do YOU feel when you put on makeup? Do you ever feel as though it’s “betraying” people?

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