A while back I found out about a make up artist (MUA) around town and found out about a girl named Angela Karr. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend more than I normally would for my makeup to be done for the wedding, but I was very adamant about having my MUA come to the house on the wedding day while I’m getting my hair done. My hairdresser, Jessica, is already coming to the house to do my hair, so it just made sense.

After a few weeks of thinking about it (hey, I’ve had over 12 months in my engagement now. I had lots of time lol), I decided to go ahead and stick with Angela. She does TONS of work here in town for local magazine covers, lots of brides, as well as people for other various things so I figured she HAD to be good.

Well, I had my trial yesterday with her (after an EXHAUSTING day moving boxes and boxes and unpacking for my friend’s classroom), and let me tell you, I’m SO glad she’s doing my makeup! The second she walked in the door (as I quickly washed off my face because I was so tired I completely forgot she was coming) she looked at our Engagement book that I made on Shutterfly, and started commenting on how cute we were. From then on, I felt like I’d known her FOREVER. We just talked and talked the entire time that she was working on my makeup and I knew I made the right choice.

So without further ado, the makeup:

Excuse my hair and clothes in this one. Did I mention I was helping my friend move into her classroom ALL day? The makeup was much darker in person, but you can see just how much a flash can wash you out!

I wanted to take a close up of my false lashes! I’d never had individual lashes on (just the strip of lashes) and WOW they’re amazing!

Here’s so you can see a side shot. As you can see, she filled in my brows and WOW they look so much better!

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