First off, everyone who gave us their opinion of Bobi (the cake guy) was right. His cakes are awesome. His pictures of cake were gorgeous, he was really nice, and he had some good cake and good prices.

We met Bobi at Starbucks. It’s his meeting place of choice for his brides because it’s relaxed and a decently quiet place to hang. He brought his photo album with many cakes he’s done in the past, and talked to us about what we wanted for designs.

I showed him several pictures, one including a hand-drawn picture (below). The top tier has pearl buttercream strands, with a thin line of piping underneath each pearl strand. The second tier has our monogram from our invitations (and will most likely include more flourishes on the sides to complete the tier). The third (and last tier) will have fluffy piping (for lack of better terms) with lattice work in the middle out of thin piping. Overall, I think it looks great! (ps i drew 4 tiers on my drawing but we actually didn’t need all that cake!)

We then talked to Bobi about Groom’s cake designs. Mathew and I had talked before the meeting about what we wanted (and we agreed on a design), but then when we got into the meeting, Mathew was all kinds of confused. Luckily, Bobi said we didn’t need a final design right then and there and could let him know closer to the big day.

After all was said and done, we ended up booking Bobi right on the spot! To boot, Bobi gave us almost an entire cake to eat! He’d brought 3 flavors of cake, with 4 slices per flavor. Needless to say, since Mathew and I shared one of each flavor, we still had 8 slices left! Bobi told us we could take the rest home, so we decided to have a cake eating party!

Well, it wasn’t exactly a party…but we DID have 3 of our friends come over to try the cake, and gave cake to Mathew’s parents too!

This is Maggie! She’s our “I’m late” person in our engagement story. We love her and we were so happy she came over to have cake!

This is Beth Anne. You’ve probably seen her here showing off her bridesmaid modeling skillz. She’s amazing and she’s currently sitting on the other couch with her eyebrows furrowed as she’s studying for grad school.

This is Adam. He’s our #1 groomsman (if you don’t count Mathew’s dad who is the Best Man. Adam is like the honorary best man). We love him and secretly (ok not so secretly) want him to marry Beth Anne..even though they’re not dating. Haha! He was enjoying his cake so much that I had to take 2 pictures of him.

Overall, we had a good evening with the cake tasting and we finally have booked our LAST VENDOR! I feel as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!

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