First off, OUR SAVE THE DATES ARE IN!!!! Brittney texted me tonight and told me that the STDs came via UPS today (gosh, that sounds so wrong. i can be super immature sometimes). I think she’s going to drop them off at my office tomorrow, and I can’t WAIT to see them. I am so excited I ALMOST have considered hand writing the envelopes…

but then smacked myself around a bit and realized that I would be CRAZY to hand write every. single. address. Back to reality, Steph…

Anyway, I’m super excited. But you know what this means??? We have to start our registry.

I’ve been told that many guests like to know where you’re registered right away. We will have our wedding website on the STD so it’s important that we have that info up by the time they get our STD cards. That being said, it’s time to start our registry.

I don’t even know where to start! We know we want to register at Dillards, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Kohls. We heard Target doesn’t have a very good return policy, so we decided to skip it, even though I really like some of the decor stuff Target has. We also decided that since Mathew doesn’t work until noon on Saturday, we’ll be able to do a registry for one store that morning (we’re thinking we’ll hit BBB first). We’re going to try to get them all done as soon as we can.

All in all, I’m nervous about the registry because I don’t know what we need/want. We need EVERYTHING for a new place. I just feel like it’s SO many decisions all at once! I’m sure it’ll all be fine, but still!

PS Can anyone guess the ONE item I seriously want from that picture above?! (and in that exact color too!)

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