…getting back together?! I’m not really a T-Swizzle fan, but I have to say, I’m enjoying finding pictures of her! Was it just me or did anyone else find her relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal weird?! I mean, he’s so much older than her!
Anyway, it’s the 4th week of Never Ever Ever! Thank you so much for participating- and if you can’t participate today, we hope you’ll join us next week!
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The info on Never Ever Ever:

1. The Never Ever Ever link up will be posted EVERY Tuesday at Midnight CST . Tell us about the things you’d “never ever ever” do!

2. Please put our button on your post for the link up.

3. Please follow your hosts. We won’t make it mandatory, but we appreciate the love
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I Never Ever Ever….

– want to be without friends. My friends mean so much to me and I was incredibly appreciative of those who called, texted, and tweeted me about my procedure yesterday. Thank you!

– will have this procedure again. Or at least I hope I won’t. Getting rid of pre-cancerous cells is NOT fun and I was in SO much pain yesterday that I cried for about an hour (no clue how I even drove myself to my inlaws), kept a heating pad on me, and groaned for several hours. SO painful.

– will smoke. It’s disgusting and I still don’t know how Texas hasn’t passed a state law regarding smoking in restaurants. It’s so nasty. Who wants to eat and smell cigarette smoke at the same time?!

– will stop loving my husband. He treats me so well and is so loving. He works so hard for us (he JUST got a promotion and a raise and is already putting in his application to get ANOTHER promotion). I’m amazed at how hard of a worker he is and how he comes home and is just so sweet.

Mathew and Pearl
Mathew and Pearl

– will stop loving cuddles from my floofy little dog. I crack up that she acts like a baby and curls up in the crook of my arm when we go to sleep. She thinks she’s a person!

So now it’s YOUR turn to link up for Never Ever Ever!

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