It’s Thursday (whoa, is it Thursday already?!) and that means its time for….dun Dun DUUUUUN…

the Grant life

If you haven’t noticed by now, I love Copy Cat Closet and I look forward to it every week. It makes me really try to change up the way I dress and actually put forth effort. Combine Thursday’s Copy Cat Closet with my now Tuesday Pinspired Style link up, and that’s actually two days a week that I have to make SURE that I am at least slightly more fashionable. Hey- even my neighbor noticed! All I know, is that being a little more fashionable is always a good thing- especially when you’re married. 
For a little while there after we got married, I got into a slump. I mean, when you’re married you don’t have to impress anyone, right?! Er…WRONG! I feel like you should always try to impress your spouse with your appearance. Taking care of yourself is a big deal, and as easy as it can be to fall into that rabbit hole of not getting dressed and wearing pjs all day (believe me, I’ve been there), your spouse will realize that you care so much more about him if you actually put effort. For me, not only was it wearing nicer clothes and cuter outfits, but with curly hair, it’s hard to do much. I’ve made it an effort to do my hair more often too (btw, thanks Kristina for that sweet compliment about my hair always looking nice!). 
Anyway, I’m off my little spiel. Here’s the inspiration look Natalia gave us for this week’s theme of layering:
Isn’t Natalia a doll?! She looks so good every week!

Her tips this week were to start tighter and go looser, adding a skinny belt if you need more shape, and keeping the bottom half tighter. She also suggested trying a scarf for a little extra volume up top. 

This is my version of today’s look:
Chambray: JC Penny, Tank &
Statement Necklace: Forever 21, Heart
Necklace: James Avery
Without realizing it (I’d looked at Natalia’s picture over the weekend when she emailed it, and made up my own outfit), I actually pretty much copied her look, which was pretty funny. I didn’t wear a scarf because lately it’s been hot around here, but I busted out my chambray shirt (y’all know you love me in it lol), a raspberry tank, and two necklaces. Have you noticed that I almost always wear my half heart necklace? No, it’s not a “BFF” necklace. It’s a prayer necklace so when Mathew and I are apart. We got them for Christmas one year when we dated long distance. 
Anyway, here’s what the rest of me looks like (I know, I know..I need a photographer or full length mirror):
See what I mean by totally copying Natalia’s look? I didn’t even realize she’d worn leopard flats and here I went doing the EXACT same thing. Too funny. 
Because I love Natalia (and Kelley) lots and lots, I hope you’ll sign up to participate in Copy Cat Closet next week! Just put your email in the box below and you’ll start getting Natalia’s Copy Cat Closet emails! 

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