Morning everyone! This is my first of 2 posts today, both for swap link ups! I’m hoping to have more time this weekend to write some more posts with more content, but this week has been INSANE for school. I’ve been student teaching in a first grade class and it has left me incredibly drained (and then I have to go to work). How am I supposed to student teach every day next semester!? I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Anyone with tips on how to survive- please comment them my way.

Anyway, back to the swap!

I was so wonderfully partnered with Sarah from “from the desk” and couldn’t have gotten a better partner. When I looked at the email she sent to find out where she lived so I could mail her package, I realized she lived a mere 30 minutes away from me (and in the city that Mathew is now working in). I was tempted to have Mathew drop the swap gift at her house when he was on his lunch break, but didn’t want to be a creepster, so I mailed it. I forgot to take pictures of what I sent her, but I’m sure she’ll link up today too.

Here’s what she got me:

Love the washi tape on the box and the cute tissue paper

Glitter nail effects and fun polish colors!

I was really surprised at all the fun stuff Sarah sent me. It was all so “me” and I am so excited to use them all. I’ve never used the Salon Effects before, and I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to use them. I took off acrylic nails last month and my nails have been short and a little bumpy since then, but once they grow out and are pretty, I’ll be trying it out. I’m currently wearing the Essie color right now. I love it and it’s perfect for fall!

Last week I also got a surprise letter in the mail from Sarah saying thank you for her swap gift. I was shocked to have received such a kind note in the mail, and must remember to do the same for the next swap that I participate in. It was an extra touch that was so above and beyond. I really appreciated it. Thanks so much Sarah! I hope you love your stuff as much as I do!

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