Of all the things from the wedding that could cause stress, picking a DJ has been high on that list. I guess it’s because I’m paying for the wedding mainly out of my pocket (my parents are contributing a little, and so are Mathew’s parents). I wasn’t sure if we were going to be able to afford a DJ, but I mean, what’s a wedding without music?! BORING that’s what. I decided either way we were going to have one, and I would MAKE SURE that I could do it.

As many of you know, I save our wedding money in an accordian coupon folder that we keep in our safe. It’s just easier to access the money when we need to, but not too easy to access (because I don’t know the combination). Because of this, I always know how much money I have for each vendor at all times (which can be a good and bad thing. good when I have money, bad when I’m stressing about it).

(we want our wedding to be as fun as this!)

In any case, I’d been tossing the thought of trying to pick between 2 different DJs as mentioned here. We ended up meeting with Kevin this morning (who turned out to be an old PE teacher of Mathew’s…weird) and kept loving everything about him. He’s really nice and seems to understand our vision, and understood too that we were on a budget (since his own son is getting married soon). He helped us lower the cost, and we are very happy to now have him on board!

If you’re in the Waco area and are looking for an awesome DJ, click here and tell Kevin that Stephanie & Mathew sent you!

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