For many, having a holiday during this uncertain time is upsetting. Parents feel as though their kids are missing out on their last months of senior year, or their first year of Kindergarten, or many other milestones. To toss a holiday in the mix may mean missing out on spending quality time with extended family, losing a loved tradition, and more.

As a special needs mom, I’m so grateful for everyone staying home and I deeply support it, however, I fully see the opposite side of the coin and why others are so sad during this time. Our family is a pro at staying home for Addie’s safety (even for Easter), and we’ve even shared our tips on staying healthy. Still, I wanted to share with you some ways that you can make the best out of a social distancing Easter. Ways that still encourage good, fun family time!

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FIND YOUR SUNDAY BEST FOR YOUR SOCIAL DISTANCING EASTER. One of the things I’ve had to do as a special needs mom is fake it til I make it. You will feel so much better about having a social distancing Easter if you’re dressed up for the occasion. Find an Easter dress from Target or cute pastel dress from Amazon to have shipped, or even an outfit from your closet! Once you are dressed the part, you’ll be ready to play the part!

PARTICIPATE IN YOUR CHURCH’S LIVESTREAM. Church is really important to our family, and Easter is an especially important day. Our church has a livestream that you can find on the church website and Facebook page. A social distancing Easter doesn’t have to mean going without church! Our church has also announced they’ll be having the Lord’s Supper that day, and our family is making sure that our grocery list has the bread and grape juice to participate.

DYE EASTER EGGS! This time-honored tradition is one of my favorites. I love buying the Easter dying kits because they’re inexpensive and there is so much variety these days! You can order a Classic set, Marbled set, Golden egg set, or even the Deggorating set (which has a combination of each of the individual sets.) 

DON’T SKIP THE TRADITIONAL EASTER BASKETS AND EGG HUNT! I really love Target because I can order everything I need and either have it shipped to me right now or I can pick it up curbside. Make your social distancing Easter traditional by ordering a cute Easter basket and fillers. I enjoy a classic wicker basket, but this chick basket and this bunny basket are too cute, too! I love the Easter basket fillers Target is offering, and don’t forget the Baby Yoda Easter Basket goodies I’ve shared too! Don’t forget the plastic eggs for the hunt, and I hope you’ll make sure to take pictures of your kids with your baskets.

MAKE A SMALLER VERSION OF YOUR TYPICAL EASTER MEAL. If you usually have a big ham, tons of side dishes, and lots of desserts, I encourage you to still have your special Easter meal, but scale it down a little this year. Buy a smaller ham, make 1 or 2 smaller side dishes, and 1 dessert. You can even bring the kids in on the fun by having them help make Resurrection Rolls so they can learn about the story of Easter, get festive, and have fun knowing they helped with the meal.

PLAN ON HAVING YOUR SOCIAL DISTANCING EASTER MEAL WITH YOUR FAMILY VIA FACETIME, ZOOM, OR SKYPE. Family is so important for many when it comes to having holidays. If you know you’ll be missing family, I highly recommend choosing a set time for everyone to eat, and then calling them through whatever social platform you all prefer. You’ll have a feeling of togetherness despite the miles apart, and it’ll make your holiday just that much better.

MAKE EASTER COLORED DEVILED EGGS FOR AN EXTRA FESTIVE EASTER MEAL. Just boil your eggs, peel, slice in half, save your yolks, and put the whites aside. Then get some mugs out, fill about 2/3 with water and add 1 tsp of vinegar and however many drops of food coloring you like. Add your egg white halves in until you get the color you like, allow to dry on a paper towel, and then finish them with your favorite deviled egg recipe. If you like a naturally derived food coloring we like Watkins, but if you want vivid colors you’ll want McCormick Neon.

HAVE A NEIGHBORHOOD EASTER EGG HUNT. Email a template of Easter eggs to your neighbors or post in your local neighborhood mom Facebook group. Have the kids decorate them and hide them in windows for other kids to search for when going on walks or social distancing drives. 

Which of these social distancing Easter plans do you plan on doing?

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