On St. Patty’s Day most people are partying and drinking it up. In my house, you never celebrated St. Patrick’s Day other than the fact that it’s my little sister’s birthday. Most of you know my sister, Heather. I’m always talking to her on Facebook and Twitter, and we always support each others’ endeavors.

The Vintage Modern Wife & sister, Heather, owner of 11:11 Apparel

If you see us chatting, we’re probably calling each other Pookie, Prickles, or Wubbles. Don’t ask me why we have such weird nicknames for each other, it’s like our little pet names.

Anyway, this St. Patrick’s Day is pretty special. My Wubbles is turning TWENTY! She’s the baby of the family and I have no idea how she is not a teenager any more. I remember when she asked me if she should go talk to my mom about wearing mascara when she was in the 7th grade and I told her no because I wanted to protect her longer. I also remember us fighting like crazy when we were kids (I couldn’t stand her!) but now I don’t know who I’d talk to if I needed to vent.

Gotta love those 90s photos and haircuts…

I also remember the one year on her birthday that I went to a tanning bed for the first time right after her birthday party. Needless to say I went for 15 minutes my first time (because the lady was stupid) and spent the rest of Pookie’s birthday with aloe vera all over me.

My sister and I right after I got engaged

I’m really proud of my sister. She’s smart, driven, and totally started her business, 11:11 Apparel when she was 16! Pookie and I sat for what seemed like forever trying to come up with a name for the company when it finally clicked. I’m glad she’s doing so well with it.

I would LOVE if you all surprised my sister with some extra orders from her shop today just because it’s her birthday (and the clothes are awesome). Or, I’ll totally be happy if you left her a Happy Birthday message here for her to see.

Pookie, I heart you! Happy 20th birthday! You’re not a baby anymore!

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