Every bride wants to look gorgeous and breathtaking on their wedding day. Every bride wants to look back at their wedding pictures and say “Wow…I look amazing in this picture”. Thing is, for some people, its not easy to get to that road.

A couple years ago, I took it upon myself to change my lifestyle. One day I just decided to eat better and start going to the gym, and I did it consistently for about a year. In 6 months I went down from a size 12 to a 2 (the healthy way! I never starved!). Over the course of living with Mathew’s family the past year and a half, I’ve gained all my hard work back. I mean, I can’t resist his mom’s cooking! It’s really good (and southern) but its completely ruined my figure!
Sure, I have great curves, but I do admit I miss my old figure. So I started thinking about doing something about it. We’ve gone to the gym a couple times but no routine has really stuck. My friend, Charity, mentioned something on facebook about this website http://hundredpushups.com. After reading about the idea behind it, I figured…this is something i CAN do. Besides, it’s a good excuse to try and look even BETTER in my already AMAZING wedding dress since it’s strapless.
I also posted the link on the Facebook group page for my bridesmaids as well. I know some of them have mentioned they want toned arms for the wedding day too, and some of us are going to do the program together (we live in separate cities but we can still do it on the same days!). I think it’s a great idea to get as much support as possible, and I could definitely use the accountability. I’m also posting about this here because I need YOUR accountability too. I will be posting here the journey of getting to these 100 push ups for my dress, and I need all the cheering I can get! TONED ARMS…HERE I COME!

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