The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

Welcome to our 15th week of Happies and Crappies link up day! I’m SO EXCITED (as usual!) for all you to join us today and seriously can’t believe H&C has already been around 15 weeks!

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1. I’m out of my blogging “slump”. Well, I was never in a slump, but the last 2 weeks of student teaching has taken a HUGE toll on me. I haven’t been online ANYWHERE (here, twitter, facebook, instagram, etc). Today it all changes because I’m finally DONE with student teaching!
2. If #1 didn’t give it away- I finished student teaching yesterday. I’m so excited! It’s been a long road this semester and been crazy busy towards the end of it, but it’s DONE!
3. Today I’m visiting my school campus for a thing called “Reflections”. Apparently it’s like a mini graduation for the education students. It’s supposed to be really great and I’ll probably have the water works so we’ll see! I went to campus last week and got this cute picture with some of the lovely ladies in my cohort:

Part of my cohort: Cyndy, Pam, Dara, Samantha, Hollie, Me, Amanda, Cherish, and Ceterra

4. I got an awesome offer from a company I’ll be telling y’all about soon to get some pretty dresses for graduation! You get to rent the dresses for as little as $20 a month and then return them! It’s pretty awesome for an event, and if the dresses for graduation work out well, I’ll be using them for Mathew’s cousin’s wedding!
5. I’ve got some great leads for jobs this week. I went to a job fair and did pretty well. The only thing is- now I’m nervous. What if I go to an interview and get offered a position? Should I take it right away? Should I wait a couple days? How will I know if it’s the right fit for me and part of God’s plan? These things are just a few of the questions that my mind revolves around 24/7 lately.
6. My mentor teacher this round was so sweet and got me a goodie bag FULL of teachery stuff! Plus, my MIL took me to a Thirty-One party to pick out a teacher bag! It’s going to be this print, but it’s got hot pink straps instead of green –


7. Speaking of Thirty-One, I’ll be hosting a party soon, so if you’re in the area around the end of May you should come!
8. If you haven’t visited my awesome sponsor this month, Neely, check her out! Her ad is at the bottom of all my posts this month!


1. Although student teaching is over and I have leads, I feel like now I have to work even EXTRA hard to keep applying for jobs and getting my face out there. I really want a job in the district I’m student teaching at so you better believe I’ll be out there this week. I’m glad, but it’s a crappie that I won’t just get to relax as much as I like. Then again, once I have a job, I’ll be happy.

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