Thursday Mathew and I went to our first pre-wedding class. It’s a class for engaged couples and just brings encouragement in order to have a Christ-centered marriage and is six weeks long and ends with a retreat. At first, I was really nervous to go. And by nervous, I mean, I was SO anxious the whole car ride there! Sharing feelings with people I’ve never met…it’s DEFINITELY intimidating. But then I thought to myself, isn’t that what I do when I blog?

We went to the class Thursday night and there are five other couples besides us. It was at the home of the teachers of the course. They’re a sweet couple that has been married 10 years and have 3 children. He’s a lawyer and she’s a freelance writer for a local magazine, and they’re just genuinely NICE. This is their 3rd year teaching the program, and they’re funny and cool, so I’m happy. Everyone was so sweet and was introducing themselves off the bat. It definitely made me feel more at ease.

Everyone went around the room and said what they did for a living and if they went to school or not. We found a lot of similarities with people (one girl has a love of Hello Kitty like I do, another is a I want to be, one guy is from new mexico…which I love), so I was extremely glad. Also, the guys went around the room and said how they met their fiance and what their first date was, and the girls got to gush about their engagement stories (and mine, I’m convinced, was the BEST!). It was nice to break the ice by telling everyone stories before getting to the first portion of the class.

The next few weeks should be interesting…but I’ll keep you all updated! Also, if you live in Texas and want to find a Countdown to Marriage class, visit for more info and where classes are held!

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