Occasionally I consider myself to be “crafty”. I say “crafty” because I’ll get a brilliant idea in my head to do a fun craft and then I do it, but then it takes me 4-5 months to take on another craft! Luckily, I had some motivation for today’s craft. See- all the teachers in the first grade wing have some kind of wreath outside of their door and of course, I want to be cool and match. I thought about the cute wreaths everyone had outside their classroom doors and decided I’d DIY a tulle wreath!

I’d never attempted a tulle wreath before, but I was shocked how easy it was! Here’s what you’ll need:

10 inch foam wreath
50 yards tulle (I used a little under two 25 yard rolls)
dressmaker shears
e 6000 glue
rhinestones (various sizes)
wooden rectangle
letter stickers
craft paint
2 safety pins (medium sized)
ribbon (any color, 1 ft)

1. Cut your tulle into 1 1/2 ft. pieces with your shears and ruler. I did about half of a roll of tulle before I started tying it to my wreath just so once I got going I wouldn’t have to stop to keep cutting. You’ll want to put your tulle on your wreath by tying it into a knot. Make sure your ends are even when you do!

Want to learn how to make a tulle wreath with just a few easy steps? Check out The Vintage Modern Wife!

2. As you tie the tulle to the wreath, push them close together so you can’t see the wreath underneath. If you are using a light color of tulle, you may want to double up your pieces as you tie them, but for most colors, this is unnecessary. You’ll also want to shape them so they stick straight out from your wreath as you go.

Learn how to make a tulle wreath with just a few easy steps! Check out The Vintage Modern Wife for a super easy tutorial!

3. After you have finished your entire wreath with tulle, you can add sparkles! I added rhinestones in all different kinds of colors with some e-6000 glue. I bought a small tube around graduation when I made my monogram graduation cap and it’s still not even 1/4 gone.

Make a tulle wreath for your home, classroom, or office with just a few easy steps!

4. Once your tulle wreath has sparkles you can start on your name plate! I wanted my name to hang in the middle of the wreath. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use ribbon, more tulle, or just fishing string, but decided upon ribbon that I had that matched some other things in my classroom.

I used craft paint and painted my name plate purple (my room is a mix of pink, purple, teal, and other bright colors) and bought sticker letters to put my name. I actually painted it BEFORE I put on my rhinestones (so it’d have a chance to dry) but it’s totally up to you if you have more time.

DIY tulle wreath for your home, classroom, or office! Only just a few steps and less than $20 to make!

5. After my name plate was dry and had stickers, I hot glued a cute ribbon to the back of my name plate that was long enough to go to the back of my wreath. Then I used the safety pins to pin the ribbon to the tulle! I didn’t hot glue the ribbon to the tulle so it wouldn’t look bad over time, and I could easily change out the ribbon if I wanted.

I’m really pleased with the way my tulle wreath looks. I’m not sure if I’m going to hang it with more of the ribbon or if I’ll just use a command hook. Either way, I’ll definitely show y’all a picture of it outside my classroom door when I do my classroom recap!

So what do y’all think of my tulle wreath? Where would you put yours?

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