I’m the queen of loving easy crafts. If it takes only a few materials and not too much time, I’m totally down. I’ve done big craft projects before that make me incredibly resentful by the time I’m done with them (you know- like painting an entire bedroom, or making one of those yarn wreaths that takes a million years to wrap), and they’re just not fun. Give me simple. Give me easy. My craft for you today will be SO cheap and SO easy, you’ll be shocked. Today I’m going to show you an Easy DIY Baby Headband Holder and for fun, I’m showing you my pacifier jar idea!

This Easy DIY Baby Headband Holder project uses few materials and comes in under $5! Totally making this!

What you’ll need: 

1 cylinder vase (size varies)

1 candlestick base

tube of E6000 glue

To make sure you’re getting the best deal for your DIY baby headband holder, you’ll want to make sure that you check out Amazon before going anywhere else. Amazon is my favorite because you can compare all your prices. Plus, with Amazon Prime, you can get free 2-day shipping. I was able to find the vase and candlestick base for really cheap!

You’ll also need E6000 glue for this craft. I actually made this awesome Easy Monogram DIY Graduation Cap last year for graduation, so I just happened to have some already, but you can go to your local craft store or Amazon for this. Please make sure that you do this project in a well-ventilated area, because E6000 glue can be smelly, especially if you’re pregnant.

1. Peel or wash off any stickers that may be on your vase and candlestick base.

2. Using your E6000 glue, squeeze out a ring of glue onto the top of the candlestick base.

3. Carefully place your vase on top of the candlestick base, making sure that it’s centered. E6000 glue dries pretty quickly, so check fast!

4. Turn the DIY baby headband holder upside down and squeeze out some E6000 glue around the candlestick base where it meets the vase, just to make sure it’s completely sealed.

5. Let dry and add your baby headbands!

This Easy DIY Baby Headband Holder project uses few materials and comes in under $5! Totally making this!

I’m currently working on another variation of this craft using a huge oatmeal tube. If you’d rather not use a glass vase, you can get your favorite print of scrapbook paper, use some rubber cement glue to glue it around the oatmeal tube, and then glue the candlestick base to the bottom of the tube. This would be ideal if you had bigger headbands (probably 6 months and up) but if you just need something for newborn to 6 months, the glass vase should be fine. Addison currently has 30 headbands and my baby headband shopping addiction is only getting worse!

Another little thing I did for her nursery was put her pacifiers in a small fishbowl so I would have easy access to them. Dr. Brown’s was so kind to send us a great gift box of all kinds of things- BPA Free Baby Bottles, Healthy Wipes, an A Shaped Teether, their Gia Nursing Pillow, and several different types of pacifiers. I thought the pacifiers were too cute to keep hidden in a drawer, so I decided to display them. Mathew has bought me SO many flowers over the years, that I just happened to have a small fishbowl sized jar, and I washed it out really well, dried it, and put the pacifiers in it! I think it’s a fun way to display them and it keeps them all in one place (for now!)

Overall, I think Addison’s nursery is coming along well. We’ve got all the furniture built, and now I’m just waiting for her bedding to arrive so I can see what other things I need to do. I made some letters to go above her crib (I’ll be posting about that next week because they need to get hung up), but I still need to finish painting her bookshelves, make her mobile, and make curtains. I’m thinking about making a fabric or wooden growth chart, but it just depends on how much time I have. The doctors are talking about either having my c-section at 37 or 38 weeks, which means I could possibly have Addison at the end of August. I still need to get my classroom in order and make sure I have a long term sub in place, so I’m semi-freaking out right now! She could be here next MONTH!

I hope you enjoyed this Easy DIY Baby Headband Holder. I’d been eyeing all different versions online, and this one definitely is the least complicated. Plus, for a few bucks you really can’t go wrong.

What do you think about this incredibly easy craft?

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