Teething is awful. It’s awful! It’s painful for not only baby, but everyone in the family, and we are experiencing it firsthand. Addie is 14 months old and just starting to get 3 teeth in all at once. It’s not fun whatsoever. Thankfully, we’ve found some teething hacks that have really saved Addie from pain, and saved Mathew and I with our sanity. There have been days where all I’ve wanted to do is grab a glass of wine and sink into a bathtub full of bubbles because of teething. Luckily, we’re in a much better place now, and hopefully these are some teething remedies you may not have thought about that will help you as much as they’ve helped us!

Tried every teething remedy in the book? Try these teething remedies you may not have thought about! Some may surprise you!
Breastmilk Popsicles- As an exclusive pumper for 13 months, I was attached to my breast pump. We had to purchase a deep freezer for all my milk, and I actually even became a milk donor for local NICUs in the Central Texas area. If you’re a pumping mama like me (or you have milk saved), you can purchase some baby popsicle molds, pour breast milk into them, and help your baby have a sweet treat while soothing themselves.

Lavender and Copaiba Essential Oils- Y’all know I’m a Young Living lover. I can’t help that they’ve totally changed our lives. Right now I have a roller ball bottle filled with 10 drops of Lavender, 4 Copaiba, and I filled it to the top with jojoba oil for Addie. Lavender’s aroma is calming, while Copaiba helps to promote wellness and relaxes the body. Copaiba is a main essential oil found in Young Living’s Deep Relief, which is formulated to be massaged on after a strenuous activity. The combination of Lavender and Copaiba is perfect to roll on the chin or upper lip to give a calming and relaxing effect on a fussy baby.

Silicone Toothbrush- Addie LOVES her silicone toothbrush and it makes her SO happy when I brush her gums. I think she’d be happy if I did it all day long. The silicone bristles are very gentle on her mouth and give her comfort when I brush them in a circular motion. Perfect for little ones to grab onto and bite, and I love that it has a disc around it so if it falls, it doesn’t get germs on the bristles!

Gum Massage- Along with the silicone toothbrush, I like to give Addie massages for her gums. Using my index finger, I place it on her chin (outside of her mouth) and massage in small, circular motions going from left to right and then right to left. Then, once she’s relaxed, I do the same to her upper lip area. It helps massage in the essential oils for calming that I’ve put on her, as well as given her something else to think about other than the pain. This puts her to sleep pretty much every single time.

DESITIN Maximum Strength Original Paste- I know what you’re thinking- why is this on a list for teething?! Let me tell you- teething has brought TERRIBLE diarrhea for Addie. Just awful. I actually took her to the doctor because I was concerned she would get dehydration. Every single diaper was a poopy one, and was just SO runny. The onset of teething brings about lots of saliva, and the excess saliva ends up in the gut. Then, the gut tries to rid of it through the diarrhea, and let’s just say….I’ve had to do a LOT of laundry lately. Addie’s bottom got pretty red after constantly having loose diapers, but DESITIN cleared it right up. Every diaper change I’d add a big slather of it to keep a nice barrier and heal her skin, and it did just that! Now, a few days later, her bottom is all the way better. Target actually has a coupon for DESITIN right now on Cartwheel for 25% off DESITIN. This is one teething item you won’t want to be without- promise.

Sophie the Giraffe Teething Ring- I know many moms talk about the original Sophie the Giraffe, but to be honest, I really love the Sophie the Giraffe teething ring much better. It has 2 different types of bumps and ridges, perfect to gnaw on, and also has 2 handles for your baby to grab onto it. Great for small hands and little ones that can’t get enough of things to chew on. This, hands down, is Addie’s favorite teether, and really satisfies that feeling of needing to gnaw on something to feel better.

Baltic Amber Teething Bracelet- If you don’t have a teething bracelet or necklace for your baby, grab one. They’re made from Baltic Amber, which gives of succinic acid, a natural analgesic. I prefer a bracelet to a necklace because Addie has a trach, but either are good options. If you’re worried about your baby eating the bracelet, it’s probably best to give them a necklace. I recommend not letting your baby sleep with the necklace due to choking hazards, and making sure you get one that has each bead individually knotted in case one falls off.

There are SO many other teething remedies that help babies and I’d love for you to leave your favorite in the comments for any new moms that are just dying for something to give their baby some relief. Also, make sure you visit Target’s Cartwheel and get your 25% off DESITIN coupon now through November 21st, 2015!

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