Our baby is 13 weeks today! I love how our pregnancy chalkboard comes along every week. Excuse my peach though…it kind of looks like an apple! Baby bump chalkboard by The Vintage Modern Wife inspired by Little Baby Garvin. 13 weeks pregnant!

How far along: 13 weeks! This is the last week of our first trimester!
Gender: Although I kept thinking girl since the beginning, now I’m not so sure! I don’t want to keep thinking it’s a girl and get my hopes up, so now I’m going to say that I’m unsure. I definitely want to get a doppler so I can check the heartbeat of the baby when I want and see how fast it is. That usually is a good indicator of gender!
Maternity clothes: Regular clothes still, although my skinny jeans (from the baby bump pics) are getting tight on the waist and are pretty uncomfortable. I’ve been wearing maxi dresses the past couple of days just to be a little more comfy.
Stretch marks: None yet!
Belly button in or out: Innie 🙂
Sleep:  I’m still sleeping pretty well, but definitely need naps during the afternoon still. I’m ready to have a little more energy again soon.
Best moment this week: We went to a friend’s wedding this weekend for a couple hours. I hadn’t seen my friend (the bride) in months because we were school friends and now work in two different school districts. I came to congratulate her on the wedding and she rubbed my baby belly! Mathew hasn’t really rubbed my stomach because it’s still small, and he likes to talk and say hello to the baby. It was sweet that someone other than the two of us took note that there was a baby in there!
Miss anything: Energy. My house is still SO messy and I hardly did anything this Spring Break just because I either was sick or just incredibly tired. I can’t complain though- it felt great to take it easy for a whole 9 days, but I miss a clean house.
Movement: None. Nada. Zip.
Cravings: Nothing really specific. I’m waiting for some crazy kind of craving to pop out at me.
Queasy or sick: I’ve made it since Friday without being sick, so that’s good. I go back to work today and usually the rush of the mornings makes me sick. I’m hoping that won’t be the case this week!
Looking forward to: Ordering Baby VMW’s crib! My parents offered to pay for it, and I should have the money any day now. It’ll be good to just have that out of the way and not have to worry about it. Plus, I’ll FINALLY be able to buy SOMETHING baby related. The wait of finding out the gender kills me because I can’t buy anything yet!

Love this progression of baby bump pictures of The Vintage Modern Wife from 10 weeks pregnant to 13 weeks pregnant. I can't wait to see all the way to 40 weeks!

Here’s this weeks’ progression of bumps from weeks 10-13. As you can see, not really much of a difference still! I tried out a different pose tonight, but I’m not sure if I like it yet. Stupid Hilary Duff arms!


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