Hip hip hooray! We finally reached the second trimester this past Saturday! Here’s our pregnancy chalkboard for week 14!

Baby bump chalkboard by The Vintage Modern Wife inspired by Little Baby Garvin. 14 weeks pregnant!

How far along: 14 weeks! I can’t believe we’ve started the 2nd trimester already!
Gender: Ugh I don’t even KNOW anymore! I’m dying to find out and every day I second guess myself.
Maternity clothes: Been wearing a couple maternity tops this week just to cover my new belly bands. My awesome co-worker gave me one to borrow and I’m so happy. It feels good to walk around with unbuttoned pants. Sure, I can still button them, but it’s SO uncomfortable! Unzipped pants are the bomb.
Stretch marks: None yet, though I bought cocoa butter to start using every day to help prevent them.
Belly button in or out: Innie 🙂
Sleep:  Sleep has not been good the past few days. My back has been hurting when I wake up, I can’t get comfortable, and I’m up half the night just trying to find a cozy position.
Best moment this week: Mathew sang a little lullaby to the baby. I died. So freaking cute.
Miss anything: Juice. I LOVE orange juice, but it’s just too acidic for me. I had a craving for mango juice the other day and drank a whole single serving bottle of it. I loved it going down, but it definitely didn’t love me. I just want to be able to drink juice and not feel sick!
Movement: Nada.
Cravings: Juiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.
Queasy or sick: Like I said earlier, I got sick from drinking juice. I don’t think it was from “morning” sickness, just my body not liking the acidity. Thankfully I’m not really feeling “sick” lately.
Looking forward to: Buying more baby stuff! I just want to knooooooow what we’re having! We did buy the baby’s crib, mattress, and changing table/dresser this weekend, so I’m pretty excited! It just makes me want to hurry up and buy more things! 

Love this progression of baby bump pictures of The Vintage Modern Wife from 10 weeks pregnant to 14 weeks pregnant. I can't wait to see all the way to 40 weeks!

I feel like I’m KIND of starting to see a progression, but not sure. Oh, and don’t mind my pj pants that I tried to cover up with my shirt in this week’s picture. I’ve been tired!


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