I’ve been a little MIA lately. Our sweet Addison was born August 26th, 2014 at 5:47 am. She was born via c-section at 36.5 weeks weighing 5 pounds, 11 ounces and 18 inches long. Since her birth, we’ve been through a whirlwind of emotions. If you haven’t kept up with us via Instagram (visit the hashtag #VMWaddisonolivia) or Facebook, Addison has had 2 surgeries already- a PDA ligation to close a hole in her heart, and an SCT removal surgery. Both surgeries went incredibly well and Addison continues to heal every day. We’re currently awaiting to address Addison’s breathing issues, as she has a small airway. So far her CT scan results from her airway look promising, but we are hopefully going to have Addison extubated this week and she’ll have a broncoscopy and laryngeoscopy to see if she has complete tracheal rings. This will determine the doctors’ next course of action.

Our sweet baby girl brings us SO much joy, and I love spending time with her at the hospital every single day. Last week, Addison turned 1 month old, and I can’t believe how fast (and slow) time has felt for us. As of last week, Addison is now 6 lbs 4.5 oz and 18.5 inches! Her favorite things include sucking her tube like a paci, kangaroo care with mommy, her seahorse, getting milk, and bath time! Her least favorite things: giving blood and bright lights (NICU is always dark). She’s had 2 surgeries, 2 procedures, tons of blood work and scans, and more in this month of her life.

There have been so many changes in our lives in the month that Addison has been born and we just thank God every single day that she is doing so well despite her circumstances. We are so thankful for her life! Because she’s had so many medical issues, I’ve resigned my teaching position to be a stay at home mommy and blogger with her. She’s still in the hospital though, so I hope y’all will bear with me until we get her home and settled. Posts might be sporadic, with some paid posts here and there to help provide income because her hospital bills are very large. Additionally, family has created a Go Fund Me website for Addison  to help offset those medical bills.

Until things get back to normal, I hope you’ll keep up with us on Facebook and Instagram. I update on her status and our lives daily if not more, so I’d love to have your support there!

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