I don’t know about your family, but our family loves board games. Having family game night is something we really enjoy doing. Sometimes we play with the kids, and sometimes we wait for the kids to go to bed and play cheesy kid games from our younger years just for fun. Either way, they’re a blast! We’ve been trying to take advantage of being home more and have really enjoyed playing games, so we thought we’d share some favorites that you all would enjoy too!

I want to note that I wanted to adhere to the under $20 limit on all of these family game night games, so you may see a few with a variation. Amazon surprisingly seemed to be the more expensive of the two retailers, so either the option to purchase it from Amazon isn’t linked because theirs was over $20, or I linked an alternative (which is denoted in the description of the games.)

1| The Floor is Lava- Amazon // Target: We recently got this game and I love the concept! With The Floor is Lava game, furniture gets a break! A spinner, 25 colored foam tiles, and 27 action cards ramp-up the fun on this classic game of imagination and adventure. Remember, DON’T TOUCH THE FLOOR! You and your family will enjoy a fun family game night with this game.

2| Pie Face- Amazon // Target: I love this game when we can get together with family during holidays. Unfortunately, we can’t do that right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with it just us! Place your head on the chin rest and turn the handle, and hope that you don’t trigger the spinner and get Pie faced with whipped cream!

3| Baa Baa Bubbles- Amazon // Target: I loved this game for kids around Lawson’s age (2 and up). In Baa Baa Bubbles, players take turns feeding meadow tiles to Bubbles the Sheep. As Bubbles is fed, her wool made of real bubbles grows! But watch out, you don’t want to make this adorable sheep sneeze! 

4| Watch Ya Mouth- Amazon // Target: We have this game and have never laughed harder! This one is for 2nd graders and up, and is so fun! Teams of players, hampered by cheek retractors, attempt to read and interpret phrases from 4 unique card decks: Classic, Sing It, Pop Culture and Head to Head. Grab this one for your family game night if you don’t have it. You’ll love it.

5| Unicorn Magic Ring Toss- Target: Our family loves silly games. The sillier, the better! With the Uniocrn Magic Ring Toss you put the horn on your head and catch as many rings as you can. The player to catch the most rings (no hands allowed!) wins.

6| Yeti In My Spaghetti- Amazon // Target: This game is such a fun one for family game night. In this wacky, fun game, the noodles are laid across the bowl and Yeti is just sitting there on the noodles. As you remove the noodles one by one, Yeti could fall into the bowl, and that would mean you lose. 

7| Operation- Amazon // Target: So oddly the regular Operation is more than $20 on Amazon, but I found this amazing Chewbacca edition on there and had to share it with you all! Our family loves Star Wars (in fact, Addie meeting Rey and Chewie was one of the major highlights from our Disney Make A Wish trip) so I couldn’t pass up that fun edition of such a classic game. Target has the classic version, which is equally as fun!

8| Color Brain Disney Edition Card Game- Target: Who else is a Disney fan? Our family can’t get enough of Disney (did you check out the post on Addie meeting Anna and Elsa?) In this game, each player starts with 11 color cards in their hand. Each round, they must decide which color (or colors) they want to use as their answer to one of the crafty Disney questions, from “The color of the feather in Captain Hook’s hat” to “Buzz Lightyear’s Star Command logo”.

9| Exploding Kittens- Target: My nephew introduced me to this game a couple years ago and I had so much fun playing it with him. Exploding Kittens is a strategic card game which has only one simple aim – avoid getting blown up by those exploding kittens at all costs. Start the game by putting the cards face down and players take turns drawing cards, until someone draws an exploding kitten card. If they do, they explode and are out of the card game unless they have a diffuse card.

10| Mouse Trap- Target: This game is a classic and definitely one you want to have in your family game closet! Mouse Trap is great way for kids to practice & learn cause and effect relationships. This board game consists of how moving parts work, mechanical understanding at a an early age, and overall having a great time while hunting for cheese!

11| Frozen Frantic Forest- Target: We are big Frozen fans in this house. When I saw this game I knew we needed it! In the Frozen Frantic Forest game, players move along the board, collecting and hanging snowflakes on the tree branches as they go. Whose snowflake will cause the tree to open, sending Olaf through the air? You’ll have to play to find out!

12| The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game- Amazon // Target: Homes with little ones will enjoy this game! Help forest friends find their acorns in this fun and addictive toddler board game designed to teach young children about colors. Easy to understand and play—no reading required. A great first game to introduce to kids. 

13| Octopus Shootout- Target: Make ‘em spin and score to win with Octopus Shootout! This fun and frenzied octopus hockey game for kids improves hand-eye coordination while having a ton of fun. Load your marbles, spin the tentacles to shoot and score to win!

14| Hungry Hungry Hippos- Amazon // Target: I always loved going to friend’s houses when they had this game! I never owned it and couldn’t resist playing it any time I saw it around. Whichever hippo you choose, you’ll have to move fast, because if your hippo chomps the most marbles, you win! Just an FYI- the Amazon version I linked in this game is less than $20 but I did not link the regular sized game because theirs was much more than $20.

15| Trolls World Tour Trouble- Amazon // Target: Trolls fans, look out! This DreamWorks Trolls World Tour edition of the Trouble game combines classic Trouble game with Trolls tricks! Players move around the gameboard as Poppy, Branch, Cooper, or Queen Barb, visiting the musical lands throughout the Trolls world. The first player to get all 4 of their Troll pawns to the Finish space wins! 

16| Pictionary- Amazon // Target: Elementary aged kids and up will love Pictionary. This game tests a players skill and ability to quickly draw out images that make it the easiest for your team members to guess the word. It’s always a fun time with this game around, a party favorite, you sure can count on big laughs as you discover the artist in your friends and family.

17| Pay Day- Amazon // Target: I love when games teach skills, and Pay Day is great for teaching kids about counting and budgeting. This is for elementary age and up and one of my personal favorite family board games!

18| Pop the Pig- Amazon // Target: If you have younger kids, this game is a great one. Players take turns rolling the die, feeding the pig, and pushing down on his head. Each pump makes his belly grow bigger, bigger, and bigger until… POP! Great for learning colors and numbers.

19| Jenga- Amazon // Target: This classic game is a favorite in the Wolfe household. We get super competitive with it! This game is a staple in any home and perfect for the whole family. Stack the wooden blocks and try not to topple the tower over! What’s not to love?

20| Twister- Amazon // Target: Twister is a classic family game night game! It creates so many laughs and gets everyone all twisted up! If you don’t have this one in your game closet, it’s a must.

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