I’m not exactly sure when it happened, but my husband made a Star Wars convert out of me. We go to the Star Wars movie midnight showings, we watch Clone Wars on Disney+, we dress up in Star Wars themed clothes, and when we want to have even more fun, we have a blast doing Star Wars activities! This Star Wars Day I want to encourage you to spend time with your family, find something from each of these Star Wars activities categories, and enjoy Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (and any other Star Wars movies you love!) These Star Wars activities are out of this world and I’ve divided them into drinks, food, crafts, and printables for you so you can easily choose something from each category. Have a blast and May the Fourth be with YOU!

Not sure what to do on May 4th- Star Wars Day? With over 50 activities, this list of Star Wars Day activities is out of this world!
Not sure what to do on May 4th- Star Wars Day? With over 50 activities, this list of Star Wars Day activities is out of this world!

Star Wars Drinks

One of the absolute favorite things I loved about Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge were the drinks. There’s blue and green milk (with or without alcohol), Star Wars themed bottles of Coca-Cola, and of course, Oga’s Cantina. Drinks are totally necessary when you dive into Galaxy’s Edge, so make them a part of your Star Wars Day activities!

1| Searching for the legit Tatooine Blue Milk recipe? Look no further than this non-alcoholic recipe. It’ll take you to the Dark Side all the way back to the Light Side!

2| Be one with the Force and channel your inner Yoda as you sip on this Baby Yoda Margarita.

3| Go Rogue with this delicious gin and juice Rogue One Cocktail in honor of the character, Jyn.

4| Kylo fans unite for this dark side non-alcoholic Star Wars Kylo Ren Party Drink. Don’t forget the cool straws.

5| Ever heard of Jabba Juice? This green sweet treat is great for any Star Wars Day fun!

6| Ready for a sugar high that’ll take you to a galaxy far, far away? Try this Star Wars Blue Milk Freakshake today.

7| The Death Star has nothing on this Death by Chocolate Star Wars Hot Chocolate recipe.

8| There will be a bounty on you after you make this Star Wars Boba Fett Freakshake

9| Darth Maul fans will find this Darth Malt Milkshake perfect for whenever the Force is calling you.

10| This First Order Smoothie is a great way for anyone living under the First Order to get a good serving of fruits and veggies for the day.

11| What’s more iconic than BB-8? A BB-8 Freakshake! Your younglings will ask for more over and over with this fun recipe.

Not sure what to do on May 4th- Star Wars Day? With over 50 activities, this list of Star Wars Day activities is out of this world!

Star Wars Food

One of the highlights of our Make-A-Wish trip for our daughter, Addie, was at Ronto Roasters. If you haven’t heard the story yet, I went to put our food down at a table and had my husband, Mathew waiting nearby so I could find a spot for Addie’s medical stroller. It got very crowded all of a sudden, and when I tried to get through the crowd to get to him I realized the crows was surrounding Mathew and the kids! Rey and Chewbacca had stopped to talk to them and we ended up talking to them for at least 20 minutes. It was such a special moment at Ronto Roasters! After Rey and Chewie needed to go back to their secret mission, we had the most delicious Ronto Wraps and decided it was definitely the best thing on the menu at Galaxy’s Edge.

12| Turn to the dark side with these delectable Darth Vader Ding Dongs.

13| Enjoy truffles? Try these simple Death Star Truffles made from Oreo cookies during Star Wars night.

14| There’s nothing cuter than The Child. Learn how to make Baby Yoda Sugar Cookies in this easy DIY.

15| Watch out for this Star Wars Death Star recipe. You may want to be extra stealthy and hide them from the rest of your family.

16| Visit Hoth during your Star Wars Day and try making these Star Wars Wampa Treat Bars with your kids.

17| Miss Galaxy’s Edge? Don’t skip these copycat Ronto Wraps from Ronto Roasters. It’s a favorite for crews prepping for their next mission!

18| Get the family involved with this easy BB-8 Droid Quesadilla recipe! 

19| Want to take Star Wars day to the next level? Don’t skip out on these Star Wars Rice Krispy Treats for your padawans!

20| What Mandalorian doesn’t love guac? This adorable Baby Yoda Guacamole platter is perfect for Mandos young and old.

21| Have fun making Wookie Cookies with the Chewie lover in your home!

22| Use the Force and get creative on your planet with these Baby Yoda Nutter Butter cookies!

23| Start Star Wars Day off with a bang with this creative Yoda Star Wars breakfast idea!

24| This single serving BB-8 pizza will satisfy any Star Wars fan’s hunger. 

25| Take over the galaxy after trying this Star Wars breakfast plate! It’ll rock your world.

Not sure what to do on May 4th- Star Wars Day? With over 50 activities, this list of Star Wars Day activities is out of this world!

Star Wars Crafts

If there’s an excuse to do a craft, our family is in! These Star Wars Day activities are so much fun and the whole family can get involved. Here’s a fun idea- pick a craft, have each member of the family create one, take pictures, and then post on social media for friends and family to vote their favorite! Winner can get a fun Star Wars themed prize.

26| No Jedi is complete without their own lightsaber. Grab supplies for these Star Wars Pool Noodle Lightsabers and decide whether you want to be part of the light or dark side.

27| This one is for the adults, but this Star Wars Upcycled Globe Death Star would look amazing in whatever office you choose to figure out which planet to destroy.

28| Kids will have fun creating their very own Princess Leia with this fun Paper Plate Craft.

29| Go wild and create this Easy DIY Star Wars BB-8 Costume for the BB-8 fanatic where you live. 

30| Want to re-read the Star Wars series books? Don’t forget to craft your very own Star Wars bookmarks to go along with them!

31| Here’s another great paper plate craft! Padawans will enjoy making BB-8 out of supplies from home.

32| This Baby Yoda Puppet is “the way” to any Mandalorian’s heart for Star Wars Day and every day.

33| If you can’t build a droid at Galaxy’s Edge, try building one at home in the meantime with this fun R2D2 craft!

34| Not sure what to do with all your leftover toilet paper rolls? This Toilet Paper Baby Yoda Roll Craft is creative and great for all ages on Star Wars Day.

35| I’m not sure Padme would find this proper, but younglings and padawans will have a blast with this Star Wars Slime.

36| This Baby Yoda Plushie DIY is so cute, you’ll want to hold him and definitely not let Moff Gideon get him.

37| Chewie isn’t the only one that loves porgs. This fun Paper Plate Porg DIY is perfect to make during your Star Wars Day marathon.

38| Immerse yourself in a galaxy far, far away with this fun Yoda Paper Mache craft.

39| Save the Death Star from Luke Skywalker and make this Death Star Craft this Star Wars Day.

40| If you made breakfast and have a spare egg carton, try this fun Baby Yoda egg carton craft!

41| Want a fun decoration to add to any Star Wars themed room? This Chewbacca Pencil Holder will have you speaking Shyriiwook with glee!

42| This Star Wars Sensory bottle will send you into hyperspace and feeling like youre in another world. 

43| Love perler beads? You won’t need to go to the Galactic Outpost for supplies for The Child Perler Bead Pattern.

Not sure what to do on May 4th- Star Wars Day? With over 50 activities, this list of Star Wars Day activities is out of this world!

Star Wars Printables

If you have a printer that actually works (why is my printer always broken? Tell me I’m not alone!) check out these fun Star Wars printables on this fun Star Wars Day! Print them out before your movie marathon to get the whole family in the mood for a ton of fun.

44| Get your memory as fast as hyperspace with this enjoyable Star Wars Memory printable

45| Start Star Wars Day with this cute Baby Yoda Invitation to start your marathon with the fun theme.

46| Crack the Code for Han Solo with this Aurebesh translator printable.

47| Color your favorite droids online and then print them for a fun, galactic experience.

48| Test your Star Wars knowledge with this fun Star Wars Trivia Game.

49| Rey and BB-8 need your help coloring them! Color on your computer or tablet then print for a fun and easy printable this Star Wars Day.

50| Can you think of a word that’s related to Star Wars for each letter of the alphabet? Give it a try with this Star Wars printable.

51| This Star Wars Word Search is fun for any age. Han Solo approved.

52| Everyone from Batuu to Tatooine will enjoy this Star Wars BINGO download. 

Want more Star Wars or Disney content? Don’t miss the Disney Archives!

Not sure what to do on May 4th- Star Wars Day? With over 50 activities, this list of Star Wars Day activities is out of this world!
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