Good morning lovely readers! Today I’m going to the Heart of Texas Fair and Rodeo and dying my hair (help me decide- fall blonde or ombre?)  so I’m giving my sponsors some love today and introducing them to you! I won’t overwhelm you with ALL of them, but every Saturday this month I’ll have a new sponsor post with some lovely ladies that you should check out!

1. Kaitlin from Kaitlin Leigh’s
Kaitlin is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Her blog “Kaitlin Leigh’s Life. Love. & A Cup of Tea.” is all about her daily life. She’s quirky, fun, and girl had me DYING when she posted that she used to think Justin Timberlake’s hair looked like a pack of ramen noodles. She’s absolutely hilarious and loves posting tons of pictures along with her blog, and is a super sweet gal. Make sure you check her out. You’ll love her! 

2. Vintage Modern Moments (by me!)
Vintage Modern Moments is my Etsy shop, and yep, my shop sponsors my blog. Vintage Modern Moments takes your beautiful pictures and turns them into personalized photo tile coasters and display photo tiles. I use a really good quality resin to seal them (not mod podge) so they have a beautiful glassy finish. I love making these with wedding, family, baby, engagement, and anniversary pictures because they’re just a fun conversation piece to have. I hope you’ll stop by my shop! 

3. Holli from Holli’s Hoots and Hollers
Holli is one of my newest sponsors and I couldn’t be happier! Holli is a wine drinking, travel loving, Harley riding, Texas girl. She loves checking out vintage stuff at Antique Alley (if you haven’t heard of it you’re missing out!)  and has the sweetest heart I’ve seen in a woman. I met Holli on the Texas blogger Facebook page and have been so happy to get to know her. Check out her blog- I know you’ll just love this kind-hearted woman!
4. Julie from Oh My Tookies!
I love Julie. Like seriously y’all. Shortly after we sponsored each other, I helped her with her giveaway via Twitter, and told her to text me if she had problems. Girlfriend and I were texting back and forth a good majority of the evening and it felt so good to really get to know a sponsor. I am SO happy she’s a sponsor of this blog! Julie’s blog is all about her life, shops she loves, and fun things that inspire her shop! Check out Julie- I know you’ll love her like I do!
5. Beth from Arrow In The Eye

Beth from Arrow In The Eye is addicted to Target, Homegoods, and big sunglasses. She loves cupcakes and her mini pin dog, and loves married life. She lives in Northern Virginia and has the sweetest love story on how she met her hubby. Beth loves to thrift, just like Holli, and finds the coolest stuff like clothes, dishes, and how to turn a gramophone into a lamp! If you’re a DIYer and love to craft, you better hit up Beth’s blog! 

That’s all the sponsors for this Saturday! Check out Vintage Modern Wife next week for more sponsor love! 

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