Thanks to Huggies for sponsoring today’s post, but my love for their new stylish diaper wipes is all my own.

Being pregnant has made me really come together with other women in my same stage of life. When I began this blog, it was to document our engagement and wedding, but I love how it’s transformed into so much more. Blogging about our wedding really encouraged me to seek out other brides that were getting married around the same time I was, and now that I’m pregnant, it’s encouraged me to do the same thing with women that are due around the same time as I am. It’s great to build friendships around these connections, and really build a strong community! Because I’ve thrown myself into a world full of preggos, everyone I know is having babies or about to have a baby within the next few months. My friend, Mallory, just had her baby boy this week (Addison’s new boyfriend haha) and I couldn’t help but go a little bit overboard when bringing a New Mom Hospital Essentials Gift Basket.

At first, I had no idea what I wanted to bring as a hospital gift. Should I bring things for the baby? For her? What would she need? What would they want? But then it hit me- many moms get lots of the things they “need” at baby showers and pretty much are set to go once the baby is born. I decided that I would get the baby a couple necessities, but I really wanted to highlight HER and get her things that would make her smile.

This new mom essentials gift basket is the perfect gift to take to the hospital! My friend loved the one I  brought her!

1. The Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean Wipes are my absolute favorite part of this basket. I recently bought a pack for myself  in their cute floral print, and thought it’d be perfect for my friend. I love the fact that it has a stylish baby wipes bag design, has a clutch strap (in case you’re at a restaurant and don’t want to drag your whole diaper bag), and is refillable. For less than $3, the Clutch and Clean Wipes are too cute to not put in a New Mom Hospital Essentials Gift Basket!

2 & 3. My friend had a C-section and she definitely had gone into labor thinking she was going to have a natural birth. I have heard so many stories about how awful the pain is (and rightly so- it’s major surgery!) and really wanted to do something that would really help her feel better. I got her a loofah on a stick so she could take a shower and reach her legs and back without trying to stretch too far. The Bath & Body Works body wash I figured was a perfect pairing because you can’t buy someone a loofah and not get them yummy smelling body wash! A variation on this for moms without C-sections could absolutely be some maxi pads and Tuck’s Cooling Pads.

4 & 5. Since she delivered the most adorable baby boy into the world, I thought it fitting to buy her some blue nail polish and lip glosses. I know she’ll have her hands busy from now on, but I’m hoping she might get a minute to paint her nails while he’s asleep and throw on a swipe of lip gloss if she needs to run to the store for diapers and wipes. Plus, I hear so many stories about how tiring it can be to have a newborn, and I want her to always feel gorgeous, even when she’s exhausted. Sometimes, a little polish and lip gloss can go a long way!

6. Lastly, I got a little Johnson’s set of baby products . I’m sure she had some already, but you can never have too much of it.

When we brought the New Mom Hospital Essentials Gift Basket to Mallory’s hospital room, I couldn’t help but practically throw the basket into her lap so I could see her reaction. I know she had gotten clothes, flowers, and food throughout the day, but it felt REALLY good to see her open her present and truly smile because I had thought of her needs. I  was able to find all of these things at my local grocery store, but if you are looking for the Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean Wipes for your New Mom Hospital Essentials Gift Basket, click the image below and you’ll get a list of places you can purchase them.

Purchase Huggies Clutch 'n' Clean Wipes. They're the new stylish baby wipes clutch for moms on the go!If you are/were expecting, what other things would you like to see in the New Mom Hospital Essentials Gift Basket?


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