Good afternoon everyone! I apologize for a later post today, but I just got home from a fun work trip to New Orleans! If  you don’t follow me on twitter you probably had NO idea that I was even out of town (ah, I love scheduled posts), but yep, I was on business.

From now on, I’ll be linking up every Thursday with Natalia and Kelley for

the Grant life

Basically here’s how it goes down: You can go to Natalia’s blog, Ma Nouvelle Mode and sign up for her email list. Then, every Sunday she will send out an email with the Closet Copy Cat challenge of the week. Then, on Thursday’s you post it and link up with her and Kelley! Easy peasy!
The challenge for this week was to wear something beachy (without regular flip flops) and wear a fun hat! Here’s the picture Natalia sent for inspiration. Isn’t she gorgeous?! I love the back of her shirt. To boot- she totally made it! 
Because I was out of town, and didn’t want to really tell my coworkers they needed to take pictures of me for a blog challenge (hey, I didn’t wanna sound more nerdy haha), I took it upon myself to take my own pictures. I promise next week’s pictures will be better, but hey, I really really really wanted to do this challenge. The style is so me! So here’s what I came up with..
The Vintage Modern Wife- www.thevintagemodernwife.comThe Vintage Modern Wife-
Shirt- Forever 21, Shorts- Old Navy, Hat- random NOLA gift shop, Shoes (not shown)- Old Navy
(PS- pardon my lack of makeup y’all. I’d been sweating it off all day while touring New Orleans!)
I was in a gift shop for these pictures, but I would have totally worn this outfit to the pool and then had a swimsuit on underneath! You can’t get a look at my shoes, but I was wearing wedges with my outfit to complete the look. The hat in the picture originally did not come from my closet, however. I happened to walk into this gift shop and thought of the challenge and put it on to take some pictures. The whole week I couldn’t stop thinking about the hat, so yesterday I went and bought it! Today I’m sporting it with a peach and white polka dot dress, wavy locks, and the hat. It was perfect for airport traveling!
So there ya have it folks! This week’s Copy Cat Closet! I hope you’ll check out The Grant Life (psst, they’re one of our sponsors) and Ma Nouvelle Mode for Copy Cat Closet next week! 

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