Last I left you, we just got done taking a bazillion pictures with the majority of my guests. After paparazzi-style picture taking, we were ready to get the show on the road!

We played a multitude of games, and this one game in particular required me to leave the room. The guests were told to write something on an index card that they’d want me to do (whether it was sing a song, act out something, etc). Little did these guests know though, the tables were about to turn…

You see, the guests had to do what they wrote on the card for me to do!

Which, this wouldn’t have been a bad thing, but my sweet (and normally innocent and a little ditzy) mom decided that she wanted to be a little naughty. My mom wrote on her index card that she wanted me to “do a little stripdance like i would for mathew and hum a song”. *rewind* SAY WHAAA?

I’m not sure what kind of “striptease” this is, but I do recall yelling out to my mom, “Show some thigh! Show some thigh!!!!”. I couldn’t help it, I was having fun.
MOH Sarah I think did a song and dance also (I wanna say she said for me to sing my favorite Michael Buble song. At least..I think so):

My sister Heather had a fun card as well. Hers said for me to do a rap about the wedding. Although she had to do it on the fly, I’d say it was pretty funny! Another favorite was my Grandma’s card (she’s affectionately known as Grammy Girl). Apparently my sister Heather decided that Grammy Girl should do a “silly dance” and this (below) was the result of that. I was really surprised my Grammy Girl decided to actually do it because she has really bad arthritis and wasn’t having a good health day that day (notice the walker).

Isn’t she adorable?

Next, we did a little bit of tissue paper bride. First off, I know this is either a hit or miss at showers. But I have to say…it wouldn’t have been a proper bridal shower had we not had the TP bride game.

Aunt Dodie and Aunt Grace sat next to each other and made me a tp diaper jockstrap thong as well as a bra that wouldn’t even cover the tiniest of nips. Needless to say, I died laughing.

This was the end of the tp bride. I had a fun veil/hat which was almost cathedral length (though I feel it looks like a samurai thing), a butt bow, a couple bouquets, a fan, a ring (whoo!), a garter (another fave), the thong and bra, and I had some sort of a dress, but my sister kept breaking the paper when she put it on me.
I got to pick the winners, and MOH Sarah’s garter and FSIL Kristin’s “Shiny” (what I have dubbed my ring) won the prizes. I would’ve given it to Aunt Dodie and Aunt Grace but they already won prizes earlier 😉

After that, Clarissa had everyone take another index card and write some words of advice to me. Here are just a few of my faves:

“Stephanie, keep in mind that there are three of you in this marriage; you, Mathew, and God. -Aunt Gloria”
“Always kiss good night, there’s nothing you can’t talk out together, play!, pray through for yesterday today and tomorrow, find humor in all situations, be willing and ready to forgive. – Mama Julie”
“Aways be respectful even when you disagree with Mathew. -Mom”
“Stephanie, Find time to learn new things together- dance classes, cooking classes, etc. -Lauren”
“Make sure you have date time often.”
“Wait to have a baby! (This made me laugh because my friend Alexa got pregnant and is just now engaged lol)- Alexa”
“Be patient with him even in the most difficult times. Remember, he’s ADHD. – FSIL Kristin”
AND THE VERY BEST ONE….”Show him who’s boss 🙂 and BE NICE! – Heather” (my sister always knows how to crack me up)

We played a couple more games after that (including “how well do you know the bride” where Mathew answered questions for Clarissa and I had to figure out what he said, and a bride survey where I had to answer questions and the guests had to figure out what I wrote) and then it was time to eat some yummy lunch (and of course get closer to gift opening!)

More shower goodness comes soon! Make sure you keep an eye out 😉

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