When you become a bride and you have many people that love and care for you, they’re gonna offer to throw you a shower. Incredibly enough, Mathew and I are so fortunate to have so many loved ones in our lives that we’re having 5 showers! That’s an insane amount of showers, but they all include different people, so it’ll be great.

My first shower…is next week…and is a lingerie shower. YIPES!

Ok so at first I was all gung-ho on this shower, but knowing that I had to give my measurements, definitely is making me squirm. I got my invitation in the mail (well, Mathew’s mom and sister, BM Kristin got theirs) today and started fretting how all my friends and family are going to know my bra and underwear size. TMI much?

You see, when I moved to Waco, I was a pretty slender girl. I just had finished being at my goal weight (I lost 60 lbs in 6 months- the healthy way. 3 square meals a day and going to the gym for 2 hours a day) and was so happy. Now, I’m happier (because of Mathew *cue “aww”*), but definitely not healthier (lets just say, I’ve gained it all back :-/). I’ve made bad food decisions and it has shown in my waistline, er, dress size.

You can understand my shyness when I was asked for my bra, panty, and nightgown size so they could put it on the invitations and had to tell (wait for it…) *gasp* THE TRUTH! It killed me, but hey, if I want to look sexy on our wedding night (and thereafter) these skimpy clothes are gonna have to fit. Yeah, sure, they are supposed to cover hardly anything, but they’ve gotta at least look right! I am really excited though about the shower despite the awkwardness it will ensue. It’s going to be fun and tasteful, and I have some amazing family throwing it for me and it’s going to be great (I’m HOPING with a Barbie doll bride cake…lol).

Luckily, I decided to just do the best I can for this shower in the looks department (even though I’m not happy of my size, but I’m gonna own it and just be confident no matter what!) and I bought my first shower dress!!!!

I ended up going with this pretty little number by Gianni Bini:

It’s really cute on and the color is really pretty (not as neon as the picture. more of a teal)!

Anyway, anyone else having a lingerie shower? What are your thoughts on these?

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