18 Week Bumpdate and Pregnancy Letter Board

Well, time is continuing to fly and I’m just about halfway through with my pregnancy already! Next week we have an appointment with our Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor to get a good look at the baby and finally find out if we’re having a boy or girl!

Love this baby bump letter board by The Vintage Modern Wife. 18 weeks pregnant!

Although we are super excited to hear what we’re having so we can start buying what we need, we mostly are ready to see our baby and just get even more confirmation that baby is healthy and has no chromosomal abnormalities. I did have an appointment last week and we got a really good look at the baby with just a quick ultrasound and saw no signs of a SCT like Addie had around this time of gestation, so I am very relieved. Still, it’ll be nice to get a thorough look at the baby next week to make sure everything is good. Hopefully, we will only need to see this doctor once and then I can keep continuing with my OB like normal!

I really love our MFM doctor and am happy we’ll be seeing him. He did ultrasounds on Addie every other week for my pregnancy with Addie and he delivered her as well. I remember my first appointment with him and how nervous I was. I cried the whole appointment because we just had no idea what we were dealing with and if Addie would be ok, and I had an amnio and was terrified. It seems so long ago yet is also so fresh in my mind. I can’t say I’m not nervous for this appointment, but I do know that this doctor is pretty fantastic and IF there is anything to worry about, then he will be the guy to help lead the way and help us feel more at ease.

How far along: 18 weeks

Name: We officially have our boy AND girl names! We won’t be disclosing the name of the baby until after our gender reveal though!

Size: Baby is the size of an artichoke at 18 weeks! That’s 5.59 inches and 6.70 ounces.

How I’m feeling: Really good! I was really emotional about a lot of things last week but things have mellowed out.

Sickness: None! Migraines are GONE and I’m feeling so good!

Cravings: More vegetables! Especially green beans from a can. Weird I know. I got a hankoring for green bean casserole so that’s on our menu for this week with some chicken. I will say, that’s not a pregnancy thing, that’s just a me-excited-for-Thanksgiving thing, because I totally did this last year and the year before a couple weeks before Thanksgiving. I just love Thanksgiving food!

Aversions: Nothing at the moment. I’m glad about that!

Weight gain: I maybe have gained 1-2 lbs. Doctor isn’t concerned one bit and baby is growing and just taking all my food!

Physical changes: Rounder tummy! My face has thinned out too. It’s all going to my stomach for sure!

Pregnancy purchases so far: I’ve made a few purchases so far that I wanted to share that have been helpful—

  • Mineral Essence– I wanted to update you guys on it since I promised last bumpdate. I have been religiously taking my Mineral Essence for 2 weeks now and feel INCREDIBLE. It’s amazing how good you can feel when your body is in balance! If you’re not getting 5-6 cups of vegetables a day, you’re definitely not getting enough minerals in your diet, especially if you’re pregnant because baby is taking all those nutrients for him/herself. I have felt WORLDS different.
  • Gender Reveal Decorations– I have all the decorations for our gender reveal courtesy of Oriental Trading! I am SO ready to get decorating next week for our big reveal party.
  • New clothes- I recently got this Winter Wine long sleeved tee from Old Navy from today’s bumpdate and this Emerald sweater tee from my 16 week bumpdate. Neither are maternity and I love how they hug my bump! I love them and I’m so ready for it to be consistently cold so I can wear them all the time. I also got this awesome Llama maternity sweater and I find it hilarious and cute all at the same time.

Love this baby bump letter board progression by The Vintage Modern Wife. 12-18 weeks pregnant!

Thanks for joining me for another bumpdate! Comment below with your OFFICIAL GUESS as to what you think we’ll be having! You guys will find out next week so make sure you’re following me on Instagram and Facebook for updates!

Achieving Financial Peace-of-Mind with a Disability Through ABLEnow

This post on Achieving Financial Peace of Mind with a Disability Through ABLEnow is sponsored through ABLEnow, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Have you heard about ABLEnow? If you have a loved one with a disability, definitely read this!

Having a child with a disability always has our family thinking ahead. We wonder about things 5, 10, even 20 years down the road, and while those things are blurry for our family, they’re still important things to think about. As a mom, I always think of the worst- “What will happen to Addie if…” and I go down that rabbit hole. One thing that we definitely have needed to do more research on is some type of saving for Addie for when she is older. If something ever happens to us, we want to be able to make sure she is cared for and loved, which is why it’s perfect timing that I have been able to recently learn about a program called ABLEnow.

For so long, people with disabilities and their families couldn’t save for their futures because they feared losing their public benefits. I can’t even imagine having to worry about that for Addie and I’m so thankful we don’t have to now. Because of Addie’s medical complexities, she gets benefits monthly for nursing care, medical supplies (her little tiny ventilator alone is $13,000!), multiple therapies (speech, physical, and occupational)- I am literally FLOORED that had this been even just a few years ago, Addie could’ve lost her benefits if we put money in a savings account for her because an individual with a disability needed to remain “poor” in order to keep their benefits. It’s sickening and insanely scary. Bless the advocates who worked hard to change this and came up with the federal ABLE Act and the new ABLEnow program. There are millions of individuals with disabilities and so many of their families depend on various public benefits like income, health care, food, and housing through SSI, SNAP, and Medicaid. Now, these millions of people don’t have to worry, and I’m so grateful.


For the first time in public policy, the ABLE Act recognized the significant costs that occur when you have a member of the family living with a disability. These costs can include accessible housing and transportation, personal assistance services, assistive technology, and health care that is not covered by insurance or Medicaid. Now these eligible individuals with disabilities and their families can save and invest in an affordable and tax-advantaged ABLEnow account without worrying if their eligibility for certain benefits like Medicaid and SSI will be taken away!


Here’s why I love this so much: ABLEnow is truly empowering those with disabilities to gain more independence and have a better quality of life through financial security. For our family it means being able to put money aside for Addie’s future and not worrying that her Medicaid will be taken away (because I certainly can’t afford a ventilator, nursing, oxygen, every circuit piece to her vent, suction machines, and so so much more). It’s so huge.


ABLEnow is administered by Virginia529, the country’s largest college savings plan, which now has an expanded mission to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities. It is one of the country’s premier ABLE programs and open for national enrollment with accounts in all 50 states. You can go to the ABLEnow website to open and manage your ABLEnow account online.

Want to know more about ABLEnow and ABLE accounts? Check out the ABLEnow FAQS . What are your fears for the future regarding your loved ones with disabilities?

16 Week Bumpdate and Pregnancy Letter Board

I can’t believe it’s our 16 week bumpdate already! Time is flying by and in just 3 weeks we will find out if our sweet baby is a boy or girl! We are so excited for the anatomy scan (and nervous!) and are just praying daily that everything still looks great with our sweet baby. We’ve sent out invitations for our gender reveal party and are working with an awesome sponsor to have a creative and festive spin on the decor, and I can’t wait to show it to you all when the time comes! Love this baby bump letter board by The Vintage Modern Wife. 16 weeks pregnant!

Addie is working hard on getting stronger so she can be the best big sister ever. She works each day to stand, sit up nice and tall, and is even working towards eating more meals in her new chair instead of in mommy’s lap. It’s bittersweet (and I may have cried for a literal whole hour over it) but I’m so excited to see how she will continue to progress so she can be the best big sister she can possibly be.

Love this baby bump letter board by The Vintage Modern Wife. 16 weeks pregnant!

How far along: 16 weeks

Name: We for sure have a boy name. We keep tossing back and forth a few girls names but I’m having a hard time committing. I remember I had this same issue (but opposite gender) when I was pregnant with Addie. We for sure had our girl name, but couldn’t decide on a boy name. We finally chose it right before going to our anatomy scan, but we obviously ended up not needing the boy name. So now I have a boy name, but I just can’t decide on the girl name. We have about 3 or so we’re tossing around, but I’m still not sure if it’s “the one” quite yet.

Size: Baby is the size of an avocado at 16 weeks! That’s 4.61 inches and 3.50 ounces

How I’m feeling: Not too shabby for the most part! More energetic for sure!

Sickness: Migraines are my newest thing. They start out as small, dull headaches and then magnify over the course of the day. I’ve had 2 that have lasted almost 18 hours and it has not been fun at all. I bought some things (below) to help my body to combat them though so I will not get them (or as frequently).

Cravings: Last week I had a craving for food truck food haha. A friend joined me at Magnolia and I got a delicious kale, pineapple, green apple, agave, and coconut milk smoothie for my drink, along with a yummy rice bowl with korean bulgogi. Getting out in the sun, walking around, chatting with a friend, and enjoying a nice lunch were definitely what the doctor ordered.

Aversions: Throw up smell. But then again, who doesn’t? We went to the zoo over the weekend and Addie’s milk didn’t agree with her tummy. She ended up throwing up ALL over her car seat and we had to strip her down for the drive home and clean up as best as we could. When we got home, I offered to clean out her car seat (truthfully, I’m a control freak and I wanted to make sure every crack and crevice was cleaned lol). The seat wasn’t so bad (just smelled like milk), but Mathew had put Addie’s dirty clothes in a bag when we were in the car, and then threw that bag in the laundry room. We both forgot about it and 2 days later I went to do several loads of laundry and opened the bag. Y’all- it was bad. I started dry heaving, turning green, and threw up in our nearest bathroom. Good heavens!

Weight gain: I’ll find out next week! Last I was weighed at the doctor, I hadn’t gained anything due to vomiting so much first trimester.

Physical changes: Rounder tummy for sure! My hair hates me though and I’m shedding. Pretty sure it’s because I need to up my supplements though, which is what I’ve started to do.

Pregnancy purchases so far: I’ve made a few purchases so far that I wanted to share that have been helpful—

  • Multigreens– I want to make sure I’m getting enough nutrients for our baby (and myself), so I’m working hard on increasing my supplements. Multigreens is my new favorite in protein shakes or just taken with water. It has SO many benefits! Spirulina provides a rich source of magnesium. Bee pollen provides a natural source of protein, vitamins, and minerals like Vitamin B and Calcium. Kelp provides a natural source of iodine which is required for healthy thyroid function. Barley grass is a powerful antioxidant and contains many minerals. Lastly, alfalfa meal is extremely high in chlorophyll and minerals too!
  • Mineral Essence– I have this cool machine called an iTOVi scanner and it uses bioimpedance to scan your body and see what frequencies are lower than others and need perking up. I was having a migraine one day and one of my YL friends said “Oh, you probably are low in minerals and that’s why you’re having a migraine!” Sure enough, I scanned myself and the first thing that popped up was Mineral Essence. So, I ordered some right away and it will be here tomorrow. I’m excited to add it to my daily routine to give my body the minerals it needs to keep up with the baby. Babies take everything from their mamas so it’s important that I really hone in on adding to what is being depleted. I’ve heard it doesn’t taste well, but several friends said I could rub it on my feet or legs and get the same benefits, so I’ll be doing that every day from tomorrow on out! I’ll update y’all on how it goes!
  • Diaper bag– Although we don’t know the gender of our baby, I couldn’t help but order a super cute diaper bag online. I’ve heard rave reviews on how much this stuff fits and how great they are, so I had to snag one while I could through a co-op I’m in. I got a dark teal so I can easily monogram it with silver thread for a boy or pink for a girl. Boom!
  • Maternity jeans- The jeans I was wearing from my first pregnancy were so worn out! The panel was ripping from too much pulling up and it was loose from wearing them until 36 weeks, so I grabbed two pairs. I got a pair of bootcut jeans and a pair of skinny jeans to wear with heels or boots.

Love this baby bump letter board progression by The Vintage Modern Wife. 12-16 weeks pregnant!

Thanks for joining me for another bumpdate! I’ll be updating again in a couple weeks with a new letter board and pictures and I’ll take guesses that day on what you think we’ll be having!