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Whether you're looking for Back to School fashion for home schooling, virtual learning, or in person- this list of Jojo Siwa back to school fashion is perfect for the girl that loves color!

It’s been a weird year hasn’t it? Summer is coming to a close and families are having to make really tough decisions. Some families are choosing to send their children to school. Some families are choosing to keep their children home to homeschool. Some families are choosing to take a hybrid approach and do a little of both. As the mom of a special needs child, I totally understand what a difficult decision it is to choose what to do for this school year. Our family wants to make things as normal as possible, something we’ve always strived for in Addie’s life, so we have been doing some back to school shopping at Walmart even though Addie will be participating in homebound services again this year. 

Whether you're looking for Back to School fashion for home schooling, virtual learning, or in person- this list of Jojo Siwa back to school fashion is perfect for the girl that loves color!

I don’t know about your kids, but my children have vibrant personalities. I guess that’s what happens when both of your parents are extroverts, huh? Because of that, I wanted to grab some fun back to school fashion from Walmart that showed off Addie’s vibrant personality. She loves glitter, sequins, rainbows, and of course- pink. The back to school gear is Jojo Siwa inspired, who also loves all things glitter, sequins, rainbows, and of course-pink! It was the perfect choice.

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My kids have been growing like weeds, especially Addie. She has grown from a 2T in clothes last Fall to a 6 in kids thanks to her g-button. It is really important to me that not only do her clothes express her personality, but that they are affordable for me since we’re on a tight budget. Everything I chose for this Jojo Siwa inspired back to school fashion from Walmart can be mixed and matched with each other. It creates tons of options for outfits and allows for so much creativity!

Whether you're looking for Back to School fashion for home schooling, virtual learning, or in person- this list of Jojo Siwa back to school fashion is perfect for the girl that loves color!

Jojo Siwa Back to School Inspired Fashion from Walmart:

1| Denim Jacket– A staple in every kid’s wardrobe. This denim jacket is so cute and ties together any outfit. Perfect for crisp Fall days whether your child is at home and discovering things in the backyard, or at school playing during recess.

2| Metallic Star Backpack– Addie always has a backpack for all of her medical stuff, and it’s time for her to get a new one. This Metallic Star Backpack is so fun and colorful, and no one will doubt that your kid isn’t a star!

3| Printed & Solid Leggings– Comfort is key when thinking about school clothes. My children are hard on their clothes, so I always am wanting comfortable clothes that last. Addie has a huge collection of printed and solid leggings, and these are a great addition to that collection. If your kid likes leggings, Walmart’s got you.

4| Mustard Puff Sleeve Tee– I absolutely love this tee. It has “Smile. Sparkle. Shine.” written and is simple but adorable. The Mustard Puff Sleeve Tee is perfect for Fall thanks to the color, and the puffy sleeves make it really unique.

5| Tie Front Top & Tie Dye Shorts– I’m a sucker for outfit sets. They make things so easy for kids to grab an outfit for the day. Tie dye tops and shorts are on trend, so this set is a must have for back to school this year. Walmart knows what’s up!

6| Jojo Siwa Dress with Hood– Addie loves wearing dresses. Her face always lights up whenever she wears them, like she knows she looks good! This Jojo Siwa dress is perfect for any diva and not only has a hood, but it also has a bow on it!

7| Rolled Cuff Denim Shorts– Another staple in our back to school wardrobe. Addie prefers shorts to pants, so I couldn’t skip these on the list. These rolled cuff denim shorts are comfortable, fashionable, and a really affordable price- all things that were important for our family!

8| Clear Glitter Sunglasses– No look is complete without sunglasses. Addie’s favorite accessory besides bows are definitely sunglasses. She has so many pairs I can’t even count. We are all about eye health in our home, so sunglasses are really important. The clear frames and sparkly multicolored glitter on these are too fun and perfect for big personalities.

9| Jojo Siwa High Top Sneakers– I can’t even with these adorable shoes. I mean, a high top sneaker with rainbow colors and a bow?! To die for and fabulous.

10| Long Sleeve Graphic Tees– Although it stays hot in Texas most of the school year, there are those days where it randomly will get chilly. I wanted to be prepared for those days and found these cute long sleeve graphic tees. Match them with any of the shorts or leggings and bam- a perfect outfit.

11| Jojo Siwa and BowBow Graphic Tee– I couldn’t resist with this tee. The graphics with Jojo Siwa and her dog are fun and colorful. If your child is a Jojo Siwa fan, definitely grab this top!

12| Lol Surprise Watch– As I mentioned before, Addie loves accessories. Help your child learn to tell time with this Lol Surprise Watch. It’s bright and colorful, has a fun spinner on the face, and helps with independence!

So many parents right now have anxiety over going back to school. Things are tough right now, and if you’re feeling anxious or worried or scared, please know that I’m thinking of you.


Whatever you end up choosing for your family, I hope this collection of Jojo Siwa Inspired Back to School Fashion with Walmart helps you even just a little. If I am able to help even one person make one decision less daunting, I’ll be so happy.
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