It’s the 21st week of Never Ever Ever! Thank you so much for participating this week! It always makes us feel so good when y’all link up! We know you could be writing something else today, so we’re really appreciative of you!
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The info on Never Ever Ever:

1. The Never Ever Ever link up will be posted EVERY Tuesday at Midnight CST . Tell us about the things you’d “never ever ever” do!

2. Please put our button on your post for the link up.

3. Please follow your hosts. We won’t make it mandatory, but we appreciate the love 4. If you tweet about your post, feel free to tag myself, Neely, and Shelley and use the hashtag #nevereverever

I Never Ever Ever….

– will drive with my dog in the front seat. If you missed yesterday’s PSA post about it, please do me a favor and read it if you’re a pet owner. It’s incredibly important to me, and hopefully it will be to you once you read it.

– will get over how CUTE these shoes from Luv Footwear are! I just ordered these and another pair yesterday and I can’t wait to get them in a couple days. Life has been rough since the accident on the weekend, so retail therapy always helps. If you want these flats (or any of the other awesome shoes they have), make sure you use coupon SWLUV20 at checkout for 50% off instead of the usual 20!

Aztec flats from Luv Footwear
Aztec flats from Luv Footwear

– stop being thankful for friends. Pearl and I got SO many sweet messages on Facebook, Twitter, and here on the blog regarding our accident. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. All your kind words, thoughts, and prayers just lifted me up.

– will drink enough water. I always have it next to me but I NEVER drink it. Ugh, I really need to because I’m probably dehydrating myself without realizing it. I just don’t really get thirsty. Hmm.

– get up early enough to do my makeup before I run out the door. Sure, yesterday I did, but it was a fluke! Usually I wait until I’m parked in the parking lot at work and throw on some makeup in the still-dark sky because it’s so dang early. I’m just not a morning person, y’all! I wish there was a button I could press that could magically put my makeup on my face in like the minute while I brush my teeth. That would be amazing. Anyone else have this problem? Or is it just me?

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