If you follow me on Twitter, or visit my blog on Friday for Happies and Crappies you probably heard that the lovely Sarah (my H&C partner in crime) came to visit me this weekend.

Let’s be honest here. My house isn’t always perfectly clean. There- I said it.

During the week I’m extremely busy. I student teach at least 40 hours a week and also have to work on lesson plans during the week/weekend. Not only that, but I attempt to have some sort of social life with friends, spend as much time as I can with Mathew, cook, blog, etc. It can be A LOT. So yeah, maybe I decide to leave dirty dishes in the sink a night or two, or don’t fold my blanket on the couch, or leave a pile of freshly washed towels on the couch. Why? BECAUSE I CAN.

When Company Comes Over: Cleaning Like A Mad Woman

So when friends tell me they’re coming over, I do the “quick!- company-is-coming” dance and clean the house like a mad woman. You’ve done it before, right?

Friday night Sarah was supposed to arrive and I cleaned our entire place in about an hour and it was pretty sparkling. Not perfect, but pretty good considering I did it alone. I even found the time to dust. I laughed about it to Sarah on the phone while she drove into town. Hey- at least I’m honest! I thought it was hilarious that I was randomly dusting on a Friday night all because I had a friend coming over.

The phone call with Sarah got me thinking though- how many other people do this? I can’t be alone, can I?

Anyway, my question for today is:

When you know company is coming over, are you able to somehow clean the ENTIRE house in 1 hour (or even a swift 30 minutes) instead of the usual 4-5 hours it would take you if no one was coming over? Why do you think this is?! This baffles me!

When Company Comes Over: Cleaning Like A Mad Woman

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