Let me preface this story by letting you all know that I’m a pretty darn good cook. I pride myself on my cooking, and the fact that I learned how to do many cooking techniques all by myself. I say this because last night was one of the worst cooking fails I’ve had in a while. Sure, I’ve had the underdone steak or the curdled broccoli cheese crock pot soup (hey, it said 4 hours- I just didn’t know that meant on low), but last night was my worst cooking failure.

Mathew asked me to make a pot of beans for his coworkers last night because they were going to have a pot luck. In Texas, bringing a pot of beans is not too unusual (in fact- I thought nothing of it until Diana and I were chatting last night on Facebook). My dad has this DELICIOUS recipe for charro beans, and I’ve helped him make them before when I lived back home. I called him up last night to make sure I had all the ingredients, and then went to the store. I got home, cut up the veggies, put in the beans and spices and water, and got them boiling. I checked on them several times to add more water since dry beans pretty much triple in size when you cook them and the water evaporates. They were smelling SO good, and I decided to start working on my stuff for Tookies (did you know I’m their new PR/Social Media director?). I got so wrapped up in it that when I finally checked the beans again it was too late. The bottom was completely burnt and stuck in the pot, not to mention the water tasted like the burnt smell (yes I tasted it to see if it was completely botched). It was terrible. The whole apartment stunk and we had to sleep with the windows open all night and the fans on high. Even still, the smell has lingered. I want to make another pot of beans this weekend because I had a recipe request on it for the blog, and honestly, for what it’s worth- I want to redeem myself. I KNOW I’m a good cook but I definitely need to prove it!

This totally made me feel better. Thanks Jessi! 

I wanted to share this Facebook comment though because it made me feel better that I wasn’t the only one that had a cooking fail! Yippee!

To make things worse, I totally had a fashion fail this morning too. I wore my cute Old Navy blue tunic and somehow left the house not realizing that even though it’d been freshly washed, there was a stain on it by the boob! Yeah, it’s totally not my day already and it’s only morning.

I know I’ve got one thing at least going for me- I’ve got on a cute accessory today. You may have even noticed it in my fall photoshoot with Sar

can you spot the giveaway prize? 

If you guessed my chunky link bracelet from Derng, you would be correct!

That’s so not my wrist, but that bracelet is cute, right?!

I stumbled upon Derng not too long ago, and LOVE their stuff. They’ve got some awesome deals every day, beautiful scarves, bubble necklaces in SO many colors, their popular chain link bracelets, and tons more. Plus, I love that everything is affordable in their shop- which is perfect when thinking of a place for buying Christmas gifts for friends/family. If you haven’t heard of Derng, I hope you’ll go visit them in hopes that you won’t have any fashion failures like I have.

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