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I’m a sucker for unique gifts. It brings me such joy to give gifts to someone that are not the norm. Watching people open gifts is one of my favorite things. Seeing their faces light up because a gift has thoughtfulness and uniqueness- ah it’s the best! We’ve come across some really unique Father’s Day gifts this year and I would be remiss if I didn’t share them with you. 

ad: This round up of unique Father's Day gifts is the best we've seen! #DayForDadsBBxx

Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey

My husband Mathew is a peanut butter fanatic. Although chocolate and peanut butter is one of his more frequent combinations, I was excited for him to try the Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey. The Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey is award-winning and we could definitely see why. It has such a unique flavor, with the perfect salty and sweet combination. It’s super versatile and Mathew loved trying it neat and he even made a little cocktail for dinner with it. I tried it too, and it was so smooth. Definitely a winner in our house and perfect for a whiskey or peanut butter lover.

ad: This round up of unique Father's Day gifts is the best we've seen! #DayForDadsBBxx

Rawlings "Bases Loaded" Magnetic Money Clip

You truly can never go wrong with a money clip when it comes for Father’s Day gifts. What’s unique about this particular money clip though, is that it’s from Rawlings. As a big baseball fan, this was an awesome gift for Mathew. The “Bases Loaded” Magnetic Money Clip from Rawlings is made with top-quality, hand-rubbed calfskin leather. Mathew’s is black and looks so sleek! It holds multiple cards and has a money clip for cash. He loves how slim the Rawlings wallet is and the high-quality look it has with the signature “Oval-R” on it. 

ad: This round up of unique Father's Day gifts is the best we've seen! #DayForDadsBBxx

Candle from Wax Buffalo

Our family doesn’t use candles. We use diffusers. We have for years, and you all know that. But after hearing the story behind Wax Buffalo and the ingredients used in their products, it seemed like a unique gift that was great to try and share if we liked it. It did not disappoint. Mathew and I are parents to our disabled daughter, Addie, so it was no coincidence that Wax Buffalo came across us. The owner, Alicia, has a daughter that was born with a cleft lip and palate and she left her job as a tv producer to be by her side through surgeries. Whoa. Sounds oddly similar to our story. During that time, she found candle making and only uses the best ingredients. Wax Buffalo candles are made from soy, are in aesthetically pleasing amber jars, and are made with essential oils and spices. Mathew got the Sweet Tobacco candle which has notes of warm vanilla tobacco, coriander and a bit of tonka. It has under notes of honey blossom and clove. It’s amazing. If you appreciate a good woman-owned small business, love candles, or just enjoy supporting a mama to a child with special needs, don’t miss Wax Buffalo. 

ad: This round up of unique Father's Day gifts is the best we've seen! #DayForDadsBBxx

Personalized Skincare from Geologie

I must be a mind-reader, because when Mathew and I were chatting the other week, he expressed wanting something to help the dryness of his skin. What he didn’t know, is that I had just taken a quiz about his skin and ordered personalized skincare for men from Geologie just days before. I love Geologie as a unique Father’s Day gift because men don’t really “pamper” themselves, and sometimes they need it. Self-care is important, and Geologie makes an easy skincare routine that is completely customized. He’s been trying it for a couple weeks now and really loves the simplicity, how the ingredients feel, and he’s noticed his eyes look less puffy and dark. What a win!

ad: This round up of unique Father's Day gifts is the best we've seen! #DayForDadsBBxx

Crowd Cow

Mathew, like most men, loves meat. What’s a more unique Father’s Day gift than meat?! Crowd Cow is an online marketplace for sustainably sourced meat, seafood and more, delivering direct to your doorstep. Crowd Cow is the marketplace for high quality craft beef and meats from farms and ranches around the world. I ordered some incredible NY Strip steaks, 1/3 burger patties, and beef hot dogs from Crowd Cow. Let me tell you- so far, I’m incredibly impressed. We barbecued this weekend and decided to take our NY Strip Steaks and turn them into kabobs. We had chicken and NY Strip kabobs and all 3 of us couldn’t stop eating the steak kabobs. They were juicy, tender, and FULL of flavor. There was a whole lot of chicken left, but we definitely devoured the steak! If you’ve got a meat connoisseur dad in your life, grab him a gift card. Use code FORDAD for 20% off all gift orders!

ad: This round up of unique Father's Day gifts is the best we've seen! #DayForDadsBBxx

I truly hope you enjoyed this round-up of unique Father’s Day gifts and find something for the dad in your life. Each one of these products made Mathew so happy, and he has enjoyed them greatly. Step away from the traditional Father’s Day gifts and give something unique this year. You won’t regret it!

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