So today Mathew’s mom and I went to speak to some florists in town. I normally would’ve loved to take my own mother, but her being back home in Corpus kind of puts a crimp in that. I probably should be more involved in planning ahead with vendors to see when I can meet them, and then ask my mom to come up, but I feel as though it’d be a lot of trouble for her (and A LOT of gas too). In any case, Mathew’s mom is by no means a replacement, but she helped me out a lot today since Mathew had to work.

We went to 2 florists today (we’ll call them florist A & B). Florist A was supposed to be the cheapest in town with great work. I called yesterday, set up a time to meet, and headed over to their place at 2 today. I ended up with a man who was new, didn’t normally work with brides, and knew nothing. I’m not a flower connoisseur by any means, but being a bride, I have done lots of research. Still, it’s somewhat hard to know what you want in a bouquet, especially if it’s in a tough season when there aren’t that many flowers available (like mine…in December). Luckily, I knew I wanted some Ranunculuses, Peonies (IF they could even get them since they’re out of season), Stephanotis, and either Hydrangeas and/or Garden roses (all of these flowers in white). The guy had NO idea on how to help me, or how to tell me what I should do for boutonnieres and bridesmaid bouquets to coordinate. It was pretty ridiculous. He didn’t even have pictures of previous bouquets that the company had done before. It was awful. I left florist A more confused than when I had gotten there…and that was NOT a good thing. Overall, we were quoted about $1200 (with tax) for just my bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets, boutonierres, and other flowers for moms, grandparents, and house party members. It wasn’t too bad…but definitely didn’t make me feel too comforted with all of their knowledge.

We immediately drove to go see florist B, and just said “Ok no matter how much we like her, if her prices aren’t lower, we’ll go with florist A”. Not even having gotten a chance to fully get out of our cars, the owner of florist B came out of the shop and greeted us. She just opened her shop recently, and actually used to work for florist A until she quit to open this shop. The fact that she knew their basic quotes was PERFECT for us, because she could give us better prices. Immediately she was on the same wavelength as me and kept opening up pictures on her computer of bouquets she had done in the past. I explained to her that I also was pretty sick of the typical rose bouquet, because it’s just not my thing. She exclaimed with relief that she was sick of them too, and was happy she and I were thinking the same concept. We ended up staying there almost 2 hours just chatting with her and talking flowers. Then…she gave us her quotes…$740 without tax…$800 with tax. FOR THE SAME STUFF FLORIST A WAS GOING TO DO…BUT BETTER! GASP! It was amazing! I ended up booking her on the spot and gave her the measly $100 deposit.

If you’re in the Waco area, and you love everything you just heard about Florist B, then you need to hit up The Sherwood Florist and tell the amazing Donna that Stephanie sent you! She’s wonderful and can help you achieve whatever you need for your special occasion 🙂

I can’t wait to see all she’s going to do for the wedding! Plus, I feel so much more relief knowing that I have one less wedding thing to do!

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