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Let me tell you- at blog conferences- it’s all about the fashion! Or…at least it is for me. I love going to blog conferences and seeing what everyone wears. My dream is to be back at a size 4 again and actually attend Lucky Fabb like my blog friend, Kelly (I mean…come on…isn’t she gorgeous?!) Although I wasn’t at the fashion-crazy Lucky Fabb last week, I did have the amazing opportunity to go to Bloggy Boot Camp and rock out one of my favorite shops, Hazel and Olive Boutique.

I know I’ve talked in the past about many different boutiques, but here’s the thing- I’ve decided to stay exclusive with Hazel and Olive Boutique. I told y’all in my Making the Most Out of Your Blog with Bloggy Boot Camp Dallas: Brand Edition post that if  I’m working with a brand, it’s because I absolutely believe in that company. Taylor, from Hazel and Olive once had a blog, and believes a lot in bloggers, their readers, and their opinions.

She works hard to consistently bring new arrivals to her shop EVERY DAY at 8 pm (and I may or may not spastically “like” each picture on Instagram when they pop up because I want everything). She has FREE shipping for EVERY order, which seriously makes me love the shop even more.

Our first day of Bloggy Boot Camp started Friday, and I made appointments for the girls and I to head to Pouf to get beautified. I wore the Hazel and Olive Boutique Fireside Cardigan which has again and again sold out on her website. Yes, it’s that amazing. This particular cardigan is cream and black. The best part? It is REVERSIBLE! The inside part is black with cream. I love it! She also has a navy version and I am DYING for her to restock it so I can buy that one also.

I decided to pair the cardigan with a hot pink tank for a pop of color, dark denim skinny jeans, and tan riding boots. I felt like it was the perfect conversation starting piece (I may or may not have worn it to work one day to preview and see how much people loved it haha) and it was dressy casual. I ended up getting a TON of people telling me they loved my sweater and it made me feel so good.

After our first day of Bloggy Boot Camp (and learning SO much awesome info), Neely, Ashley, and I decided to miss out on the BBC dinner to spend time with our Dallas friends, Amber, Caitrin, and Taylor (Neely’s neighbor). We all changed and got ready for dinner only to find….

Ashley, Amber, and I ALL were wearing stuff from Hazel and Olive! (and it was NOT planned!)

I couldn’t help but laugh because Ashley had the Safari Leopard Print Dress (another I’d drooled over), Amber had the Dolman Tunic, and I had on the Maroon and White Ruffled Maxi (Gig ’em!). My maxi kept me nice and warm when I paired it with a sweater, and I loved the fit! I am a shorty though so it was about 2 inches too long- but I didn’t care! Paired with wedges, it’s perfect! Plus, I really felt like this made me look thinner because it elongated my body. WIN! Mathew actually picked out this dress off the Hazel and Olive Boutique website because 1) I needed to narrow down all the choices of pretty clothes and 2) he loves A&M. I’d say this look was a complete success and perfect for fried chicken, mashed potatoes, 9 cheese macaroni and cheese, and collard greens. Hey- I split the plate with Amber! Ha!

Saturday I had NO clue what I wanted to wear. I went into Neely’s room several times and asked Ashley and Neely what I should wear from my Hazel and Olive collection. I wanted the BEST to be seen at the conference! I ended up picking out the Catch Her If You Can dress (which unfortunately isn’t listed anymore) to wear with leggings and boots. The bell sleeves were SO much fun and the bright colors just had everyone saying such nice things to me.

I wore the dress again this week to work and even my students told me they liked it. This one was definitely the crowd favorite, and I’m glad I wore it during the day at the conference and not at night like I had originally intended.

At the end of the last day, everyone headed upstairs to the Mirassou wine party (their moscato was probably the best I’d ever had- and I’ve had MANY) where we drank wine, hung out with our old and new blog friends, and had absolutely wonderful conversations with some awesome ladies. Then, it was off to dinner at Mi Cocina! I’m not gonna lie… Mi Cocina is a favorite of mine. I love their Sour Cream Enchiladas, and actually made my own copy cat version because no one in Waco even has them.

We met up with Ricci, Rebekah, and Kim for dinner and spent several hours chatting away like we’d all been friends forever. That’s what I love about meeting bloggers- everyone has known each other online for so long, that once you finally meet in person everything just clicks!

Mambo Taxi from Mi Cocina
(source) Mambo Taxi from Mi Cocina

I may or may not have had a Mambo Taxi at dinner to keep me cozy, which meant to obligatory selfies of my cute Hazel and Olive Wave Too Cute top in the Mi Cocina bathroom. Oops! I loved the crocheted neckline and shoulders with the layered sleeves. As a fan of statement necklaces, the Wave Too Cute top didn’t even need a necklace because of the detail. I paired mine with another pair of skinnies with my Ugg boots to keep me warm.

All in all, my Hazel and Olive clothes served their purpose for Bloggy Boot Camp. I felt amazing, had lots of confidence, and didn’t look like the messy-haired teacher that I can look like at times. Although it isn’t for everyone, blog conferences are all about the fashion- and I am so thankful to Hazel and Olive for making me look nice and presentable!

If you are looking for a great company that has great customer service, free shipping, ships FAST (it took 2-3 days for my orders), and consistently puts out new arrivals, please make sure you visit their website, Instagram, and Facebook pages!

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