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After being married a whole 2 months, I told Mathew that we needed to get a dog. I’ve always had a dog to welcome me home, and sometimes I felt lonely if Mathew had to work later hours or went hunting for the weekend. I knew for many years that I wanted a Maltipoo when I was able to afford my very own dog. Jessica Simpson’s dog, Daisy, was absolutely adorable, and I made it my mission to get our dog, Pearl, from the same place that Jessica did. Last December I even met Jessica Simpson and told her about Pearl and our connection with Maltipoos! Anyway, we picked up Pearl one Valentine’s weekend, and we’ve been in love with her ever since. There’s just one thing though, Pearl has beautiful white fur, but gets a red/brown tint to her fur because of her eyes. We’ve tried different foods, we’ve tried Angel Eyes…nothing has worked…at least, nothing YET.

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One reason I worry about Pearl is her eye health out of everything, because her eyes get that red tear staining. Pearl’s fur always looks wet by her face (no matter how many times I clean and dry her face per day). She used to not have that problem really badly, especially when we first got her. I mean, look at this adorable face from the day we got her in February 2012. Isn’t she just the happiest dog?

Pearl as a puppy, without red tear staining

But over time, Pearl began to get that awful red tear staining more and more. This was Pearl on her 2nd birthday this past December. Like I said, I’ve tried everything- different foods, Angel Eyes, buying eye wipes for dogs and cleaning her face a million times a day, but nothing has helped for a long period of time.

Pearl went to the groomer last Friday, and I actually took this picture earlier this week. This just goes to show you that even after a good scrubbing, it’s really hard to get those tear stains off of her face. It makes me really concerned, because I want her to be able to see well, don’t want gunk to get in her eyes, and I want her to constantly be happy.

I got really intrigued when I heard about the Purina One Smartblend line for dogs, because one of the things they boast in the 28 Day Challenge are “bright eyes”. Not only that, but the 28 Day Challenge mentions dental health, better digestibility, energy, great taste, and beautiful skin and coat. Purina One says that “after three weeks, your dog’s health is reflected in its bright, healthy eyes. Purina ONE dry dog food contains concentrations of vitamins E and A that help keep your dog’s eyes healthy, making sure he sees the world the way he’s meant to.”  They also state, “Healthy eyes are eyes that are, for the most part, clear of discharge, with clean lashes and eyelids. When your dog’s eyes look clean, it’s a sign that they’re getting the nutrients they need to help them stay healthy and work hard for your dog.”

Wow, right?! I’m sold. It’s hard NOT to try this product when it sounds too good to be true! Can this be the miracle Pearl needs?

I’ll be keeping you updated on Instagram with Pearl’s progress (#ONEDifference) and of course, bringing you many, cute and cuddly pictures of her (because you all know you want to see her face on your feed!) I really can’t wait to see the difference in her after the 28 Day Challenge has been completed. I’m really crossing my fingers that Purina One Smartblend and the 28 Day Challenge work for her. There are so many pictures on the Purina One website of adorable dogs and the differences their owners have been able to see in just 28 days. I’d love for Pearl to be one of those dogs as well!

Pearl and I would also love if you joined us in the challenge! If your dog needs better dental health, better digestibility, more energy, and beautiful skin and coat, we’d love if you took the 28 Day Challenge as well. Purina One is currently offering a $3 off coupon towards a bag of Purina One dog food.

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