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Considering getting LASIK done? Check out how BladeFree HD IntraLASIK changed this woman's life. She documented from the pre-op to the post op!

It’s been over a month since I had my Blade-­Free HD IntraLASIK eye surgery at the Kleiman|Evangelista Eye Center and honestly, I’m so glad I did it. I woke up the morning after my surgery and was amazed at the difference in my vision. Dr. Kleiman told me my vision would be hazy the first day but would be pretty crisp by the next morning after a good night of rest. He was right! When I woke up, my vision was not hazed and I got dressed and ready to head back to Dallas for my Blade-­Free HD IntraLASIK post-op appointment.

My post-op appointment for the Blade-­Free HD IntraLASIK was really straightforward. I had maybe a 5 minute wait time (if that!) and everyone that walked by me said hello! I was surprised because my appointment was REALLY early in the morning and I’m not a morning person at all, so it was nice that everyone else seemed to be. I had my vision checked once by a machine and then with Dr. Nadia Virani. She was so sweet and took the time to answer any questions that I might have about my post-operative care. Even better? She confirmed that the DAY AFTER my Blade­Free HD IntraLASIK eye surgery I had 20/20 vision. I just about fainted from the excitement. After I asked her a few questions like when I should be able to put makeup on again, continuing care for my eyes, and how much longer I should expect redness around my eyes. It was a quick appointment and I was so happy to hear that my results were so good! Of course, results vary, but I’m very confident in the whole team at the Kleiman|Evangelista Eye Center.

Considering getting LASIK done? Check out how BladeFree HD IntraLASIK changed this woman's life. She documented from the pre-op to the post op!

After my post-op appointment, I was made another appointment for a one week post-op back home and another for a one month post op. Everything looks really great and my eye redness completely went away after 2 weeks. I made sure to use my eye drops as I was directed, and if I get the occasional dry eye, I just put in a couple drops! I personally don’t have problems with itchy eyes or constant dry eyes. I am on the computer pretty frequently due to work, so I just use drops as needed because staring at a computer makes your eyes dry. I had that same thing whenever I had contacts or even glasses too, so it’s nothing new to me! I also was able to wear makeup about 2 weeks after my Blade-­Free HD IntraLASIK. I wanted to make sure my eyes healed nicely so I actually threw out a lot of my eye makeup, bought brand new stuff, and sanitized my brushes as best as possible. It was just the best to make sure I didn’t get any bacteria in my eyes.

Considering getting LASIK done? Check out how Blade-­Free HD IntraLASIK changed this woman's life. She documented from the pre-op to the post op!

I also had no troubles after the surgery with any type of activity. I noticed my eyes would get tired a bit easily for the first 3-4 days,  I made sure to shower with my eyes closed because of the bacteria that can be in tap water (which was recommended by the Kleiman|Evangelista Eye Center), and I also now wear sunglasses when I’m outside (something I should already have been doing.) Other than those modifications, I had no changes that needed to be made to my daily activities. I am happy to report, however, that now I don’t have to worry about seeing a 3D movie with 2 pairs of glasses on, I don’t have to mess with contacts or having to buy solution, and my husband is always jealous that I can just go to bed without having to mess with my eyes.

All in all, I truly am so thrilled to have had the opportunity to get Blade-­Free HD IntraLASIK from the Kleiman|Evangelista Eye Center. My eyes are so happy and healthy and I feel like a whole new person. All my fears before my initial procedure weren’t anything to worry about and now I’m glad that I took the plunge. I can’t wait to see how well my eyes do throughout the next few months!

What worries or questions do you have about Blade­Free HD IntraLASIK eye surgery? Soon I’ll be having a FAQ post with any questions you might have that will be answered! Leave your questions in the comments. Feel free to chat with the Kleiman|Evangelista Eye Center on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram as well if you have questions that you feel they can specifically answer for you!


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