Before I do another post on the retreat (I’m still uploading pics), I have to say that I’m currently ringless. All this past week my ring has felt really tight. By tight, I mean that I have marks on my finger. Awful. I’ve heard that your fingers can swell during the summer and lately it’s been in the 90s here (except for today which was in the 50s). Because of that, I decided that I needed to get my ring made just a TAD bigger. Mathew and I took my ring to the jeweler to get it resized 1/4 of a ring size. I think it’ll do JUST the trick and it still won’t fall off my finger.

While we were at the jeweler, we also took my wedding band to get resized. We hadn’t had a chance to do it when we first bought it (we just resized the engagement ring), and the owner of the shop said to just bring my ring in once the Christmas and Valentine seasons were over. Now that most of the holidays have dwindled down, we thought it’d be the perfect chance.

I kind of did a SLIGHTLY bridezilla thing though while at the jeweler. We had a guy help us and he basically told me if I wanted my engagement ring resized, it’d take about 2 weeks. I explained to him that I had my engagement photo shoot this Sunday, so I’d need the ring by Friday. He ended up telling me they could do my wedding band, but they’d just have to see if they could get my ring done by the end of the week. Instead of taking his word on it, I saw the owner come out of his office/workshop in the back, and asked him if he could do it faster. I mean, I was nice about it, BUT it probably wasn’t nice of me to try to go over this guy’s head. But then again, didn’t he understand that I needed it done? Ah poor guy. In any case, they’re going to try to do it sooner, so sadly I’m ringless.

I hate that feeling of nakedness that my finger is currently having. I hope that they finish with my rings soon! I can’t wait to have something back on my finger (plus, when I went to Barnes and Noble today and grabbed wedding magazines to read, I SWEAR that I got dirty looks from 2 brides as if I shouldn’t have gotten the magazines because I didn’t look engaged).

Be on the lookout for my next post about the retreat! I promise to do it tomorrow!

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