There’s so many things I discovered after I got pregnant. Being pregnant comes with an interesting set of challenges, ones that I’ll gladly have, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. I’ve not really had anyone close to me become pregnant before, so I really had no clue what pregnancy was like. Now that I’m in the third trimester, I feel like there’s so much that I’ve learned about being pregnant, and there’s still so much that I have yet to learn. Here are just a few things:

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After I got pregnant…

-I didn’t realize how much one little person could make me CARE so much. It seems like Addison is constantly my first concern, and technically she’s not even “here” yet. I’ve cried over her many times because I hope she is healthy or gets the nutrients she needs or is growing the rate she should.

-I realized I can’t be a martyr all the time. Being pregnant, I don’t want to take medicines even if my doctor has said it’s “ok” or it’s a type A or B drug (both of which are safe). I was constantly trying to be a martyr to not take any medicines, thinking it would be best, but sometimes, that ISN’T the best option. Small headaches would easily turn into migraines so I would combat them with lots of water and a Tylenol. Reflux and heartburn have gotten so bad that just yesterday I realized that my Tums weren’t cutting it one bit and it was time for Zantac. My reflux has also been so bad that I’ve gotten Zofran in case of emergencies. I make sure I only take my medicine when absolutely necessary, but sometimes, you just have to take medicine because taking care of yourself is the only way you’re going to take care of that baby inside.

– I didn’t know about the weird stuff. Pregnancy is weird. For real. Growing ligaments pull so hard that sometimes I can’t move, Addison kicks me and I swear there’s an alien inside, and there’s other weird stuff like innie belly buttons turning into outies (thank God mine is still an innie!) or that your feet and nose can grow. What in the world!? Other weird things: strep b test (ew), constipation (and talking to your husband about prune juice haha), constant man burping (before my Zantac!), and needing to rub tummy butter all over my entire body for fear of stretch marks. Guys…the struggle is real.

– I didn’t realize that my husband could love me even more than he already did. Once Mathew and I found out we were going to be having a baby, his eyes just lit up. It was like another switch turned on and he realized that he had a love for me greater than he even knew. It’s funny how I can see the gleam in his eye when he looks at me, or how he winks at me from across the room and I just melt. He makes me laugh when he tries to talk to Addison and sticks his head RIGHT on my stomach and says, “Hey Addie! It’s Daddy!” It’s the sweetest thing ever and it just gets me even more excited for Addison’s arrival because I know we will both start looking at each other in a whole different light (for the better) once more. I love this picture of Mathew working on Addison’s nursery because he is smiling from sheer happiness from putting her room together. I sneakily took this picture without him realizing.

– I didn’t know how much I loved having a support group. It’s funny- I have many friends in the “blogging world” that are a wonderful support group for me when it comes to this blog. They’re always there for me when I need help, and are the kindest women ever. However, I didn’t realize that I would love having a pregnancy support group so much as well. I’m in a Facebook group for pregnant women in the Fall, and it’s just amazing how I feel so open to talk with them about any of my worries. I’ve had freak outs about Addison’s testing, what I’m going to eat, my glucose test, and more, and these women always seem to give me great advice and help me calm down. I’m very thankful to be in a group like that!

– I had no idea that I loved flower and bow headbands as much as I do. Let’s be honest- a cute baby girl with a headband is a MUST. I have become a crazy headband hoarder and have already bought 30 for Addison. Oops! I can’t help that I love them so much and I just want to buy every single headband I see. This picture is just ONE of my many orders from Jen’s Chic Boutique. Jen gets all my money nowadays! If you want to buy Addison some headbands, check her out- I promise I won’t mind haha.

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– I didn’t know how emotional I could be. Boy, do those hormones really do a number on a preggo. Yesterday I cried because my reflux was so bad that I didn’t know what groceries to buy for meals. I’m not talking soft sobs, I’m talking a HUGE meltdown with an ugly cry. Of course, I was alone at home, so I could cry even harder, but it was ridiculous! Other things I’ve found- sometimes my hormones make me lash out at people. I’ve accidentally lashed out at friends or my parents for NO reason. In fact, the other day I got SO mad at Pearl because she had a dryer sheet and wouldn’t give it up, and I gave her a tiny swat on her butt. Of course, it was so tiny Pearl didn’t even blink, but I busted out crying, picked her up, and rubbed her back for almost 30 minutes. I’m a mess.

– I had no idea how nosy people can be. I”m sure everyone has their good intentions, but strangers are now coming up to me and telling me, ” I hope you aren’t about to give birth right now!” or telling me I look “so big” when I still have 10 weeks left. Not only that, but I’ve had strangers ask me if our baby will be a boy or girl, when my due date is, and if it’s my first. It definitely takes you out of your comfort zone! I’m one of those people that looks to the floor whenever I’m in an elevator, but now, my tummy is the topic of everyone’s conversations. It’s definitely something I’m trying to get used to.

– I didn’t realize how confident I am now. I love the way I look right now, huge belly and all. I don’t have to “suck it in” after a big meal, I can wear form-fitting clothing and it actually looks cute, and I just actually feel good in my own skin. Sure, this happens when I’m towards the end of my pregnancy and my body is about to start looking like a hot mess in 11 weeks, but for now- I’m happy with my body.

– I thought that whole pregnant women being hot thing was a myth. I’m cold-natured and usually am the one carrying a thick blanket like Linus from Charlie Brown. I’m the one that would always ask someone to turn the air up and turn the fan off. But now? I throw blankets off myself in the middle of the night, I turn the air down, and I am all about wearing shorts and tank tops. It’s HOT people! Texas is hot, and being a pregnant woman in the middle of the Texas summer is even hotter. This outfit is my new best friend:

I know there’s so much I’ll learn as this pregnancy continues, when I give birth, and as Addison grows in the first few months. It’s crazy to think there are so many things I discovered after I got pregnant, and there’s even more to come! I really am enjoying every minute of being pregnant, and I’m very thankful for it. I’m thankful that God blessed us with Addison so that we could become parents. The good always outweigh the bad, and I can’t wait for September so I can hold our little girl.

For all the moms and mom-to-be’s out there: What were some things you discovered after you got pregnant?

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