As a way to chronicle this pregnancy, I thought I’d follow along the footsteps of one of my favorite bloggers, Little Baby Garvin, and create a chalkboard every week from now on to see how big this baby bump gets. Yeah, I know its cheesy, but really, this blog has always been a way that I’ve kept my memories in one place from our engagement, wedding, and married life up until now. I think Baby Bump Monday will be the perfect idea!

Baby bump chalkboard by The Vintage Modern Wife inspired by Little Baby Garvin. 10 weeks pregnant!


How far along: I am 10 weeks along this week!
Gender: Not sure yet.
Weight gain: I honestly haven’t looked at a scale since we went to the first doctor appointment 3 weeks ago. Just trying to eat healthy!
Maternity clothes: Just bought my first maternity pants for work this week, a maternity top for the baby bump pictures, and a couple tops from an adorable maternity boutique online. I may or may not have had a meltdown about shopping for maternity clothes- not because I was buying them, but because I had no clue where to begin and the clothes just look so elastic-y. It scared me.
Stretch marks: None yet!
Belly button in or out: Innie fo’ shizzy
Sleep: Sleeping is pretty good this week. I get up about 4 times a night to pee, and I have really vivid dreams, but otherwise I am sleeping pretty well. I’m starting to get hot at night though, and I’m starting to freeze Mathew at night.
Best moment this week: Mathew came home and put his head right by my tummy and told the baby “hello”. I thought it was incredibly sweet, especially because I don’t even think it has ears yet! Haha!
Miss anything: Iced tea. Man, I had no idea how much I really love iced tea! I used to have a glass every day for lunch, and pretty much would order it whenever I’d go out to eat. Now I find myself ordering water or Sprite, and I’m kind of getting sick of it. Blah.
Movement: None yet! I can’t wait for that week, though!
Cravings: I’ve really been wanting ice cream or limes. Not together, but they just sound really good. I also saw a recipe on The Chew with Nutella and I’ve been wanting it now for a couple days. It’s probably good that I don’t keep Nutella in the house.
Queasy or sick: I get queasy pretty easily right now. Any kind of remotely bad smell sends me to the other room to dry heave or throw up. Also not eating for a few hours makes me nauseated too.

Looking forward to: Our next baby appointment next week! By then the baby will be 11 weeks and hopefully he or she won’t look like a little blueberry anymore! 

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